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XxGibsonSGxX wrote on Aug 24th, 2008 4:37am

Okay, you need to realize something...

Do you know an "Amberlee"? Because she added me on MSN, and my God, she is the stupidest person I have ever talked to! Frig, she doesn't even know where Holland is, or what it is, for that matter. :(


KoRn-FrEaK-15a wrote on Aug 20th, 2008 2:03am

Yo! i need more friends...so ADD MEH


KoRn-FrEaK-15a wrote on Aug 17th, 2008 6:46pm

oh and if anyone could help me with what i need to lower the strings on my guitar, please post a comment in the blog i wrote. Thanks!


KoRn-FrEaK-15a wrote on Aug 17th, 2008 6:34pm

Creation of Songs!

My Group can help people out... we need more group members to start this though... so check out my group. =]


Theres the link... CLICK IT!

Read through everything... see what its about, this should help people trying to pick up on making songs of their own...so yup...Read stuff.


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