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Monday, August 30, 2010

Beery Updates.

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Beer project is still going strong.  A lot of the updates remain on facebook, but as i'm sitting here, i've realized within one summer i'm brewed up approximately 94 liters / 25 gallons of beer.

batch #1 - Neighbours recipe (cool old dude started me on it)
batch #2 - American Pilsner Kit (gone, sold)
Batch #3 - Stout Kit with added cocoa
Batch #4 - Brown Ale (tastes phenomenal) 
Batch #5 - Lager Kit (my own private stash - low alcohol)

Why would I make a low alcohol brew?  I'm fairly lightweight when it comes to drinking, and i actually just really REALLY like the taste of beer.  I figure a low alcohol brew can let me enjoy my creations without feeling dragged all the time.

There's an incredible satisfaction to beer brewing, much like when a person has their moment of culinary/musical/creative genius, that just makes you feel good.   When you can share it with you buddies and they swear off commercial beer or even start little breweries of their own..  You know you've made a difference.

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