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HardcoreSpartan (2)
Saturday, August 22, 2009

nearly 10 years later.. back to school!

Current mood: determined

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In the year 2000 i found myself a fledgling high school graduate of an now defunct Collegiate located in thunder bay ontario.

Although in my last semester I had graduated with honours, (nothing special for a public school anyway) without a path; plans; or money for post secondary..  my life had been laid to obscurity in the service industry as a kitchen slave. 

The journey began washing dishes for minimum wage (then $6.85 CAD/hr) and throughout the years, new cities, new kitchens, matured work ethics and confidence, I'm now finally truly ready to bury my head in the books and start a true career in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

Although i'll still have to work in kitchens to earn my keep and tuition, I'm very excited in taking new steps for the betterment of my future family.

and hopefully still have time to play some drums and guitar.
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HardcoreSpartan wrote on Dec 16th, 2009 7:07pm

yeah def
im into engineering true

goodluck bro!


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