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Joshua Garcia wrote on Mar 20th, 2013 4:51pm

Seriously. Quit advertising that stupid site. It got closed for a reason.


cristy♥twilight wrote on Oct 2nd, 2012 5:56pm

Thanks for the comment on "Ronan" :) Do you know what [320010] is called? If I can't find it on a chord chart I'm s.o.l.! Self taught. That explains it all! lol! I know nothing of guitar theory;( Another user, leavethepieces (she's the Taylor Swift chords queen, but I might be coming up on her tails!) has used that shape and called it a C/G so I've always went with it. I've used it on other chords of mine and I guess you're the smartest because no one has ever said anyting about it! Thanks for the info and let me know what it is called;) Thank you so much!!!


crazysam23_Atax wrote on Apr 2nd, 2012 6:24pm

Thanks for the crit on my piece ([UG]/forum/showthread.php?t=1525015). I really appreciated it.


TechnicolorType wrote on Jan 4th, 2011 9:56am

thanks :]


BrandyCross wrote on Dec 19th, 2010 4:28pm

Thanks for the compliment on my song :)


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