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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


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If you can't see it just do right click and select all lol

Khorne666:hi[7:27pm] megan9987:Hey, how are you?[7:29pm] Khorne666:Fine, thank you, yourself?[7:29pm] megan9987:Good thanks :) [7:30pm] What's up?[7:31pm] Khorne666:Not much, just here, you?[7:31pm] megan9987:Ha, same :) Listening to Alter Bridge :)[7:32pm] Khorne666:Cool[7:32pm] megan9987:Hey, what's your favorite Anthrax song?[7:33pm] Khorne666:Hmm... I think the first one i ever heard of them, Madhouse[7:34pm] megan9987:That's the first one I heard too, I still love it[7:34pm] Khorne666:Cool[7:34pm] megan9987:What other bands do you like?[7:35pm] Khorne666:Wow... a lot of bands[7:35pm] megan9987:Ha, you don't have to name them all :D[7:35pm] Khorne666:My favorites depend on my mood thoughwell umm[7:35pm] megan9987:Same here actually[7:37pm] Khorne666:In the metal side i'd say: Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Dio, Black Sabbath, Anthrax, Slayer, Old metallica lol, uhh...mmm Def Leppard... Posion... Ratt... hmm and some others[7:37pm] megan9987:Sweet, I love all those bands ^-^[7:38pm] Today and yesterday my guitar teacher was trying to sing like Ronnie James Dio xD[7:39pm] Khorne666:In the classic Rock side: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, Spinal Tap,.. uhh....Guns n' roses... and uh... Boston... QUEEN of course!... Steppen wolf.[7:40pm] megan9987:Oh my God, you love awesome music!!![7:40pm] Khorne666:And finnally grunge side: Nirvana, Sound Garden, PEARL JAM!!! and last but not least at all: Alice in chains[7:41pm] megan9987::) I LOVED every single band you listed!!!![7:41pm] Khorne666:I have a really strong bond with music :P[7:41pm] megan9987:Ha, me too :)[7:42pm] Khorne666:Music is all in my life :D[7:42pm] megan9987:Ha, me too (again) :D[7:42pm] Khorne666:And my awesome hair is also my life of coursewait brb[7:42pm] megan9987:k[7:44pm] Khorne666:back[7:44pm] megan9987:Okay, cool :)[7:44pm] Khorne666:so you like the music i like? :P[7:44pm] megan9987:Uh, Yeah! ALL the music you like !! :D[7:45pm] Khorne666:So what are ya doing?[7:45pm] megan9987:Talking to 4 people![7:45pm] Khorne666:who?[7:47pm] megan9987:AP, Zeppdc, Slonergan, and you[7:47pm] Khorne666:ORGHAHSAHAHSASAi forgot to mention AC/DC!!![7:47pm] megan9987:? xDoh!!![7:47pm] Khorne666:Shame on me for forgetting them![7:47pm] megan9987:YES!!! AC/DC rules all! :D[7:47pm] Khorne666:hahahai can't believe i forgot them[7:47pm] megan9987:Haha, I love the way you reacted :D[7:48pm] ORGHAHSAHAHSASA[7:48pm] Khorne666:haha its just not normal for me to forget such an awesome bandlol[7:49pm] Maybe I over reacted?because i actually said something similar to ORGHAHSAHAHSASA in reallife when i realized my mistake[7:49pm] megan9987:Haha, it's okay :D No you didn't over react, AC/DC is very awesomehaha, that's kinda what I say when I do something like that xD[7:50pm] Khorne666:im gonna save this conversationmy reaction was priceless[7:50pm] megan9987::D Yes it was!
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zeppdc wrote on Aug 11th, 2010 9:35am

lol my UG name is what started this blog lol now that is EPIC XD


Khorne666a wrote on Aug 11th, 2010 9:02pm

zeppdc wrote on Aug 11th, 2010 at 5:35am :
lol my UG name is what started this blog lol now that is EPIC XD

Yeah pretty much i remembered AC/DC when I saw your username haha


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