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megan9987 (2)
Monday, December 26, 2011

I'm back to Ultimate-Guitar!

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Hello guys!

Sorry I didn't get on here for quite a while... Almost a year, actually. So I hope you can all, or at least some, take my apologies. I've been quite busy with school. It hasn't been an easy year for me to be honest. Too many depressive times, but at least now I'm going to the shrink, which makes things slightly better. Again, it hasn't been an easy year for me, in many ways, so please, take my apologies. I recently calibrated my guitar, so it sounds like chocolate muffins on an ice cream heaven with cotton sugar clouds. That good. It's also much easier to play. I recently uploaded a cover... I hope it gets many views... Err, plays.

Anyhow, thanks for everything, I'm glad to be back at such awesome community that is Ultimate-Guitar!


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megan9987 wrote on Dec 27th, 2011 6:56am

Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome back! :D


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