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12-string jam - [08/04/2011]   (07:27)
Still trying to wrap my head (and fingers) around the 12-string, so there are quite a few wrong strings picked, and some straight misses/mutes.

Mic is a shitty headset mic, so some pretty serious distortion when I strum hard, but you can still make it out for the most part.

I also strummed with the side of my thumb in this, which I'd never done before. Being on a 12 string made it even worse, and my thumb was bleeding like a mother fucker by the end. { Tags : string, jam, acoustc }
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#1 [13/02/2008]   (01:48)
First thing I ever recorded. Had been playing about 2 months at the time. { Tags : idea }
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#4 [30/05/2008]   (03:57)
Had been playing about 3-4 months. Tried to do some improv shit over the top but meh, didn't go so well. { Tags : improv, repetitive, acoustic, original }
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Untitled #1 [22/06/2010]   (01:09)
Couple of years old at this point I think. Forum I used to go to had a "1 minute song" topic. Sat down with a bottle of scotch and banged this out. Was my first real attempt at trying to layer some guitars together. Not entirely happy with the starting bit, but from the reversed guitar onwards it's kinda shithouse. { Tags : acoustic, original, rough, reversed }
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jam [20/11/2013]   (02:52)
just a quick jam (ended early because i completely messed up). added a little compression to tighten up the sound a little, mic made it sound super loose for some reason { Tags : jam, instrumental, original, improv }
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Cannonball cover - [27/08/2012]   (04:55)
The first song I've ever learned all the way through and the first I've tried to cover. Timing is off quite a lot, and I "mixed" it on my headphones, so no idea how it sounds on anything else. Quality in general is pretty poor. I did have a version with vocals, but I'm not a great singer so decided not to upload that one ;) { Tags : damien, rice, cannonball, cover, instrumental }
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