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metalkamikazee (2)
Tuesday, December 14, 2010

science teachers... ugh. lets vent.

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:rolleyes:ok so i like learning things and every one else in my class like to dick around wich doesnt help the subject but it is definitely only a minor part of the problem.
ok, who else agrees with me that there has been 1 or more or in my case all my science teachers have absolutely and in the nicest of ways, sucked!
my science teacher is either being an ass or she must always get high on the gas she uses for chem. labs, inbetween classes. because it seems as if she thinks we are 'slow'. not to offend anyone. she always talks so fricken slow i cant even stand listening to her and after anything with an 's', she will hold the s for ever, sounds like a snake. if she said it it would be a sssssssssssssnake.
the other day i asked her to create and print off a sheet that listed all the formulas and explains them. she comes back and says "why dont you use the mcas formula sheet" i was stunned. the mcas sheet did not have what i wanted. in my head i was like WTF lady thats not what i asked you, i asked if YOU could make one. the reason for having her make one was so that she didnt have to write it up on the board everyday so that we can know what to do to get our work done. she also asked me if i saw her writing the formulas up on the board. What the hell i was paying attention to it the whole time, im not stupid.
i swear i could do better learning from an open book then from her. we are already half way through the material we are required to learn and i havent learnt one thing from her. i had to go learn the stuff on my own after school. i mean how bad is that?
she creepy too, to top it off. whenever kids that are from her class walk by she bends over and does her rediculously long hello, ______ how are youuuuuu? damn freaky, if you will. i just keep my head in the opposite direction and keep walking.
are you listening to me!!! this might just save you from a day of harrasment, please keep walking!
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metalkamikazee wrote on Dec 14th, 2010 7:54am

lol, my current chem teacher is the same exact way (except for the bending over part)
I wore this "It's 4:20 somewhere" shirt and she really liked it. A LOT. She probably gettin high from all the sulfur and magnesium from her room.

Sci. teachers can be harsher on things than other teachers since what they teach is usually really hard to understand and sometimes even defies religion to some extent

Be patient, one day you will make more money than Mrs. Science/teacher/lady


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