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Trickycindy (1)
Sunday, April 26, 2009

What you reap...

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It's a fact. The people can't take it anymore. Constant oppression and violation of their human rights. The gap between the rich and the poor is enlarging.
The financial crisis... another trick of the rich to restrict the poor in order not to lose what they have stolen from them. They make it seem as if the crisis was created by alien forces or by terrible banker mistakes.
In fact, the financial crisis is a result of nothing more but the system we live in.
The society is made of a very flexible material indeed.
That's why it keeps lasting the stretch it is put to from both sides: The rich and the poor. Stretching those two ends only means the rich getting richer and the poor dying from hunger.
But society, luckily enough, is not made  of an everlasting material.
that's one disadvantage of flexible materials: They lack ever ressistance.
The steel and the rubber is a good example. the steel is solid, hard and impossible to break(almost), when the rubber is flexible to a really huge extend, but all in all, breakable.
 Society is just like the rubber: It stretches, stretches, stretches...
and it breaks, finally.
this force that gives the final touch so that it breaks, the last molecule that keeps the two ends of rubber united, is the financial crisis.
and as it is inevitable for the rubber not to break parts, the same thing happens to society.
I was always a follower of the "What you reap is what you sow" saying, only on a slighlty different basis. The Kharmatic one:
You're gonna reap accordingly to what you sow.
You sow assassinations and injustice? you reap revenge
You sow police forces and bourgeois security? you reap riots
you sow opression, poverty, femine, wars and liberal economy?
You reap revolutions
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Trickycindy wrote on Apr 26th, 2009 11:58pm

It's good, but your analogy of the working class (assuming that's what you mean by 'society') only works as long as there is a leadership or consciousness at the breaking point. In some countries that consciousness is higher than others, and in all countries there is a working-class consciousness to some degree.

But I think you need to explore what happens when the 'rubber' reaches breaking point.

Either one of two things will happen:


Trickycindy wrote on Apr 26th, 2009 11:58pm

1. The working class will have the leadership and organisation to confront and ultimately overthrow the apparatus of the bourgeois state, replacing it with workers control of the means of production, distribution and exchange.


2. The State will bring the full force of its security apparatus to bear on the workers who have risen up in struggle against it. - As happened in Paris 1871, Russia 1905, France 1968, England 1984.

The capitalists will reap what they sow, but while the destruction of capitalism is necessary, even likely (at some stage) it is not inevitably. This destruction can only come when the masses have the knowledge, consciousness and organization to bring that change about by targetting the massed power of the working class combined against the state.

Only in unity will we have victory.

In solidarity,



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