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Monday, November 12, 2007

My Room

Current mood: contemplative

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So I look at my room and I think to myself "thank christ I'm using firefox 2 because I just spelt look as 'lok'." My blunderfull spelling aside (apparently blunderfull is a word, who knew?) my room is a complete and utter fucking disaster, I've been recording copious amounts of material lately and my normally pristine room looks like a GWAR concert if the roadies exploded and some retard off the street was asked to run cable. There are clothes on the floor, cables running every which way, I have guitar stuff everywhere; in fact it's gotten so bad that I can't even sleep on my bed any more, I've had to pull out the air mattress in order to rest. It isn't all that bad though, my brain could really use a break from all the heavy thinking and logical nitter natter of my daily life and it does promote better musicianship for some reason. I suppose that I can keep my right brain entertained for a little while longer while, I do want to sleep in my bed though.
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