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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Path to Follow

Current mood: artistic

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Path to Follow:

Verse 1:
Take a look at the journey we're taking,
Catch a glimpse of what we've done,
Travel on through the woods regardless,
We'll find our way before too long,

Time, slowly slips by,
and life, will always take flight,
Time, takes off around us,
And we, will never know why.

Verse 2:
What we've got, well we take it in stride,
What we've lost, we know we can find,
Where we're going, we'll never quite know,
Where we've been , well it only ever shows,


And so we find ourselves lost in our minds,
So I lose all track of what is mine,
So you thought it would make sense this time,
Open our eyes to see what we'll find,

Solo/Instrumental chorus

Chorus x2

Matty Parsons-11/5/2010
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