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Sunday, April 27, 2008

An "Epic" Epic

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    At the last Knowledge Bowl meet of the season we won a fourth place trophy at Saint John's. It was an exciting day with lots of ups and downs and even a couple snowball fights... but this is what REALLY happened. ;)
    The sun was rising on a fine March morning. The sky was cloudless and the air was cold and crisp. Four brave warriors gathered together at the prestigious Temple of Foley. They were Betty, Steven, Elizabeth, and Jonathan. Schultzius, the leader of the party, was waiting for them. After they exchanged greetings they climbed into their vessel and embarked on their journey.
    Their mission was simple: to claim the four treasures that were contained in the mighty citadel of St. John's. Unfortunately, warriors from lands spread far and wide were coming for those very same treasures. Thus, the heroes had to keep a watchful eye on their surroundings at all times in case others would wish to sabotage their quest.
    Luckily, they made it to St. John's safely and took the fortress by storm. As soon as they jumped from their ship they were locked into a fierce melee. After a year of combat the Foley troop pulled ahead with only one other ahead of them. For several more years they continued to fight valiantly, but to no avail… they slowly fell farther behind against the might of the larger adversaries. :wtf:
    After four years of vicious fighting, there were six teams who had proven they were strongest. They had dispatched many other rivals and morale was at an extreme low for the Foleyians. Not even Schultzius could raise it. Fortunately, Jonathan: the master of music, had a plan. He lifted his lyre and began to play a rousing battle song - Yes, that's right. He played Free Bird. :cool: With their morale regained, the party immediately jumped into action and rejoined the fray. By this time three of the four trophies had been taken and only one was left. Foley conquered team after team until only one other opposed them. The Rogerians from the land of Rogers charged at the heroes with ferocious force. But when the dust settled.. only the Foley team remained. They claimed their trophy and started for home.
    Sadly, Schultzius sought to take the treasure from the Foley team and he betrayed them. He attacked them by throwing snowballs (his weapon of choice) with deadly force. Our heroes had no choice but to fight back and Schultzius perished in the battle. Thus, the heroes returned home. They were hungry, broken, and exhausted… but they were victorious. :D


     In truth, this was an assignment for Mythology class where I had to take an event from my life and exagerrate it as a Greek epic. Just to clear up any confusion. :p
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Waff wrote on Jun 22nd, 2008 3:52am

I like your writing style! You definitely did a good job on exaggerating that.


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