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Monday, January 14, 2008

We Love Our Tragedies..

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  My life has been pretty chaotic for the past 6 months, and I sat down and wrote this awhile ago to try and sort through everything. It has nothing to do with guitar, but if anyone who reads this finds meaning in it, I thank you. So.. here it is.

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We Love Our Tragedies..

    An old saying states that when you lose something good, you gain something better. I think everyone can attest to the fact that this is true. But the unasked question is: What happens if we lose what we've gained? Do we gain something even better? And if we lose that too - then what? Is this all there is in life? Is this what it boils down to? A never-ending tragedy filled with the joy of new blessings and the sorrow found in losing them?

    Once we've lost something important, the feelings associated with the lost item change deeply. This is a terrible paradox of loss. Everything that reminds you of what brought you joy and what you lost starts to bring a twinge of pain, and all of the little things that you once considered blessings become curses to be avoided. But despite the changes, the old memories are always carefully guarded and cherished, even though revisiting them can bring a feeling of nostalgia tainted with pain… They are too important to discard, simply because discarding them would only mean more loss - and more pain.
    The loss of something loved is a twisted tragedy. Whether it is the loss of a person, a cherished possession, or even a feeling from deep within us - it's always the same. Pain, frustration, and sadness start to develop in profuse amounts, and these feelings together can form an insidious combination. The most troubling aspect of which is the viral effect it can have on a human heart. Sometimes if a loss is minor, it’ll have a minimal effect. But other times the damage can be so powerful it can extend down to the spirit. The will to be happy is diminished and sadness flourishes. This problem can then bleed out to the people around us. The people who care about us begin to worry and the trouble only grows further as pain and frustration grows in their hearts.
    Loss is truly inevitable. This is the greatest tragedy of life. We are all doomed to lose things that we love and bear the pain that comes with it. It is crucial, however, to never forget that there is joy to be found in life too. No matter how many times loss strikes you down, or how greatly it affects you, there is solace to be found in the people around you. There are always people who will give you strength and stand loyally beside you. I’ve personally learned time and time again that this is true. It’s something I have never - and will never be able to forget even in my darkest hour.
    I’ve lost my fair share of things in my life. Some of them have been trivial, some have severely hurt me, and some of them still trouble me even to this very day. But I’m still young, and I know I’m going to lose many more things in the future. It’s ironic though, because it’s actually my losses that give me strength. Every time I lose something, I always carry the hope in my heart that I’ll find it again someday. And no matter how small that flame of hope might be, I keep it alive. I keep it burning, because it gives me strength.
                                                                         ~Jonathan Christman

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