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Thursday, May 13, 2010

New cover is out now!!

Current mood: relaxed

New cover song!!!! Dio's holy diver cover is now in our band profile!!!!!!   :cheers:
or actually it have been out couple days already, but i posted this blog little bit late... Sorry about that.
I have to thank my Harley Benton bass,Cubase LE4 about recording ,Digitech pedal, Vox amp and ESPfinland about hard work with drums, guitars and synth. And of course, also Sakke about making vocals and rythm guitar. And especially about brilliant vocals. :D
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

First blog

Current mood: happy

The very first blog!!

I do finally have a UG profile!!:D:D:D But i will propably not be at the computer very much because i do play basketball about 5 times a week...(That is pretty much for me):sad:. Right now the season is finished, so i do not have basketball matches or practices. And something about my instrument. It simply sucks. I bought it from www.thomann.de because it was the cheapest bass set. Thank god, i might get a new one as birthday present . :dance:


ps. I'm new in UG so i'm looking for more friends. :)

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