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Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Guitar

Current mood: excited

I finally got my new LTD Deluxe MH-1000NT yesterday afternoon, after going through a ton of bullshit to get it, including dealing with a semi-fraudulent website, and two computer shipping errors. I though to myself "this guitar had better be all I expect it to be or I'll be furious."

It exceeded all my expectations. The finish was perfect, there was no shipping damage or factory defects. Intonation was set up perfectly, along with action, pickup height, tuning, and neck bow. Plus, the guitar is a perfect fit for me. I wanted to get a 24-fret guitar but I felt I needed the 25.5 scale for extra room in the upper register (chubby fingers). That worked out very well; I have easy access to all the frets. The neck is the thin U-shape which is perfect for reaching my stubby little fingers around.

Nothing is better than getting a new guitar.
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Guitar's Curse

Current mood: disappointed

About one year ago, I set out to buy the ESP LTD Deluxe MH-1000 Non-Trem in See-through green. This guitar has a beautiful transparent finish allowing you to see the amazingly figured quilted maple top beneath. The entire guitar, including the fretboard and headstock are wrapped in an abalone binding, which sets it apart from all the rest.

A year later, and I'm ordering the guitar for the third time in a color I didn't originally set out for, after dealing with one shady company, and another company's computer glitch. Literally one week before I had enough to order the guitar, it was dropped from all major websites. I found one website that still had it listed, with 100 left in stock. They lied. This company commonly misreports their stock, and I was forced to cancel the order.

A week later after looking everywhere, I ordered the guitar in the only remaining color available: Dark Brown Sunburst. It's still a very beautiful finish, but I don't like it as much as the green. I ordered it with overnight shipping yesterday, expecting it to arrive today at 4:30. I got a call this afternoon that a rare computer glitch occurred, resulting in the cancellation of my order. So, after a long conversation with an employee, I am now slated to get my guitar this upcoming Friday.

After all this, I can only HOPE the guitar comes on schedule... and that I'm happy with it once it gets here. All this trouble has led me to believe that this guitar may be cursed. Or perhaps I'm the one that's cursed.

Thanks for reading my rant.
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