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Monday, August 10, 2009

Want to make a tab request?

Current mood: creative

Do note that by requesting songs here, it doesn't mean I'll work on them immediately. I'll work on them when I feel like it. It could be a few days, or it could take several months (I'm a busy man, after all).

That being said, I'm probably one of the best, according to several reliable sources. Here's what some people are saying about my tabs!

What the f***?

Did a 12 year old write this tab?

You officially ruined this song for me.

I thought it sounded right.
(it wasn't)

The other day I was out raking leaves and then it donged on me that that sound was closer to the song than the actual tab was.

But people also say nice things about them so whatever.
Request away.
2:12 am - 11 comments - 10 Kudos