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Monday, January 16, 2012

Join the Revolution!

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Hey Ultimate Guitar Comrades!

  Boy, I always feel cool looking at my friends page on here, and saying "wow, huh, I know a lot of cool guitar players!" 

  But THEN...We don't really talk, now, do we?  Are any of you guys 'n gals on Facebook, Twitter, or Google +?  

  Definitely let me know, because we're the guitar army, and the army needs to communicate!  

Here's my stats:  

Facebook:  Personal page:  
                Music page (PLEASE add!)  

Twitter @dontjoshme

Google +  

Hop on there, say hello, and I'll say hello back!  Did I tell you?  I'm building a million person army, and I want YOU to be a part of it!  Here's the funny video to explain it:  

See you on the interwebs!

- Josh  
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