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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cats in the Box

Current mood: calm

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Like a cat in the box

It’s how I feel when you’re sad

I can’t stop staring at the clocks

Dying to see you sweet and glad


Your words they burn like the sun

Engulf me like the ocean and stun

In the window I see a pair plus one star

When I think like Syd and smoke a cigar


My words are inside me pent

Until you feel not upset

Don’t be afraid or you will repent

I hurt myself with no regret


Another battlefield on the horizon

The fog already rising the fires burning

The cats in the box stare me like meal

while I clean my new injury only time will heal


Thoughts can never be precise

If honest words aren’t shown

It feels like skating in thin ice

With wolfs when you come to town


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