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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

an epiphany!!

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this happened a few weeks ago, it was my first time to have what i consider to be an epiphany, some may think its awsome, others totally stupidety, either way, because im so proud of it, the best thing i've ever writen, i want to show it to the world!! :liplick: there you go: 


My Epiphany

It seems like a guy is staring to the infinite of space, and cries for not being able to set free of the deafening power that attracts us to a beach of crystalline waters, where tigers and eagles come to us without fear, and keep us taking deeper in that mathematical and geometrical and at the same time chaotic, wonder, of such beauty and crushing immensity, so magnificent that even the shadows travel as if they lived at the light speed, and the landscapes shiver subtly, on the fragile mirrors of the soul, as if they were one only intemporal being whose slightest caress could turn us into stardust; we are surrounded of little fractal creatures, of an incorporeal dimension, that put our hair flying while they sing all the visual spectrum, as they move in a fluid harmony in this primordially futurist ocean of unimaginable colors and sounds capable of controlling our heartbeat; it seems then that we start floating while we are ripped off from our mortal shell, and follow the liquids that seem the very essence of the universe, and we begin transforming in energy that joins to all the canvas of colors, becoming us also part of this force that pulled us so innocently as a black hole, we are disintegrated following the colors in all directions and ways and rewind and repeating while echoing and pulsing to arrive somewhere, being now  totally part of this All that many search all their lives as their god, others as their big bang, but never finding the answers they need while fading in the thin oblivion of the chemical memories, without ever experimenting this maximum felling of life, while I’m here with only 20 years being dominated and guided by this wonder of engineering and architecture, chapel of sensations that not even Michael Angelo could dream, weapon of love that not even da Vinci or Tesla would create, symphony of singularity that not even Dave Mustaine or Tchaikovsky imagined! There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy said Shakespear, but he did not know these sittings  or he would have silenced himself for poetical respect to such masterpiece, so perfectly golden, so simple, so humble… capable of making Alexander the great or Caesar crawl side by side with the most miserable soul, for passion and for the impossible of escaping unnamed feeling that is transmitted by this creation, that not even elves fairies dwarves or dragons saw in their magical times. How is it possible that something so simple could cause this effect, a force created by man but capable of dispute with the most ancestral universal forces, Newtonian or Einstenian. Pixels tremble has if they could not hold what they are showing, or as someone who wants to step away of something so overwhelming, and at the same time stay closer of something so attractive or takes the risk of losing life’s meaning, suffering in a constant state of Stockholm or Munchausen syndrome, conscious! So striking, so abysmal, so wonderful that makes words seem like ashes to describe it and a rainbow seem a monochromatic painting to exemplify….

There you have my purest and sincere opinion of winamp’s visual plug-in Milkdrop 2.1, by the sound of The Great Collapse by Shadows fall

20 july 2009, somewhere between 01 and 03 in the morning, in my bedroom

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