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Monday, February 01, 2010


Current mood: hopeful

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I finally got a drum set in my studio!  Hendrixrock97 and Turalyon23 had a set and my mom- Excuse me, landlord gave me the OK to put 'em in my studio. So they brought them over and we got 'em set up. I've been teaching myself to play and I'm not half bad for starting last friday . Soon I'll be making entire tracks by myself- playing guitar, bass, drums, piano and alto saxophone! 
 Right now we have a tiny bass drum, a snare, a high hat and a ride cymbal and we hope to get the rest of the kit over soon. The tiny bass drum doesn't have a very low tone so we need to get the new one and the rest of the toms over here.

Keep on trippin' (Don't do drugs, kids),
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