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Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Few Facts About Myself

Current mood: nervous

I took all of these from my blog on Myspace.

-I hate the word "Random" especially if it is misused....constantly.

-I've made eye contact with Sebastian Bach. He pointed at me.
-If I could make a supergroup, it would consist of Prince (Lead guitar), Mike Portnoy (Drums), Les Claypool (Bass), Dave Grohl (Guitar, vocals), J. Loren (Violin, Vocals), Dave Matthews (Acoustic), Ben Folds (Piano) and Slash (third guitar, only some songs though)

-I can feel it in the air tonight.

-I like spelling some words the British way (Color = Colour, Gray = Grey)

-I sometimes create skits and scenes in my mind. Sometimes funny.

-My favorite futurama character is Fry.

-I'm a pyromaniac.

-I like cheese on my pork BBQ sandwiches.

-I have yet to try anchovies, but want to.

-I have 25 to 30 posters on my walls, All related to music.

-I like both Dark and Milk chocolate.

-I love concert DVDs.

-I am not picky at all when it comes to eating.

-My favorite movie is Rock Star.

-I have hobbit feet.

-I loved Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64, especially multiplayer. Also, Turok.

-I have never been to the beach, yet.

-I get the "Asian Zing" sauce when eating at Buffalo Wild Wings.

-I use Ernie ball hybrid slinky strings for my electric guitar.

-I use Elixir extra light strings on my acoustic.

-I like mixing drinks.

-My favorite kind of cookie is M&M's and Chocolate chips mixed.

-I really like zombie movies.

-My favorite food would be breakfast in general (Everything, Especially fried potatoes)

-I once ate 8 croissant rolls as a meal. My parents were gone to Las Vegas at the time.

-Psychology is another interest of mine, I would study it in college if it didn't take so many years.

-I have been tipsy in a Steak N Shake before. I kept asking my friend what origin our waitress was. "I think she's Indian."
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