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Sunday, September 21, 2008

The YouTube community.

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[QUOTE=dawg]This is music for heterosexist straight white christian males, stolen from people of color and then raped and lynched by these straight white christian males. Our ancestors will be savoring Motown and Soulja Boy and Lil Wayne 1000+ years from now, long after these lilywhite paleface sickly color-deprived straight white christian males are dead. the African-American musician traitors collaborating with the clap in this video betray their heritage of color.

This post speaks truth to power.[/QUOTE]

That was about a Layla's video. 

Makes me think. Is music still a racial issue? Or this guy is just a very non-skilled troll? I mean, we're in 2008. I reckon there still are ignorant, racist, xenophobic and intolerant people out there. A lot. But, can music really stand above racial matters? Could music bring people together, or it is meant to divide?

Anyway, I know that was a stupid blog, but that's what I thought.


(By the way, sorry for my lack of skill with the english language)
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RockUAway wrote on Sep 22nd, 2008 5:02am

That was the stupidest fucking thing I think I've ever heard. White people almost never rip off rap because they know its shit. I cant count how many times an african hip hop artist fucked up a good rock tune though.

Dumb sack of shit needs to be educated.


Waff wrote on Sep 30th, 2008 5:19am

I hear lil wayne is an awesome guitarist. Move aside, Petrucci!


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