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Thursday, June 17, 2010

How to catch a predator... (lulz will ensue)

Stranger: hey
Stranger: asl?
You: no u frst haha
Stranger: 21 m usa
You: 14 f us haha
Stranger: you're kinda young...
You: for what? haha
You: im not as young as you think
You: ;)
Stranger: oh really?
Stranger: well then...
You: then what?
Stranger: nothing :)
Stranger: whats your name?
You: Cassie
Stranger: hey cassie im mark
You: Kewl my dads was mark
Stranger: lolnice
Stranger: what do you look like?
You: hahaha
You: umm
You: iv e been told im pretty :)
Stranger: do you share pics cassie?
You: uh idk
You: do you
Stranger: yea
You: like what kind of pics
Stranger: whatever
You: ok?
You: h
You: A
Stranger: *img removed*
Stranger: thats me
You: Really? you're cute send me another
Stranger: *img removed*
You: You look like my brother
You: haha
You: like JUST like him
Stranger: uh oh....
Stranger: do you have any pics?
You: haha
You: what kind?
Stranger: any at all
You: haha maybe
Stranger: may i see one?
You: yeah ill take some real quick
Stranger: ok
Stranger: make them good :)
You: what do you mean by that? ;)
Stranger: you know :)
You: no i dont
Stranger: dont be shy!
Stranger: thats what i mean
You: why dont you do it first then
Stranger: i have more pics
Stranger: but they're very revealing
You: isnt that what you want from me
You: ?
Stranger: mhmm
You: then y would i do it fitst?
Stranger: want to see mine then?
Stranger: then you can show me yours?
You: maybe haha
Stranger:*picture of his dick.jpg*
You: *img removed*
You: im on the right
Stranger: you're a cutie :
Stranger: ;)
You: haha thanks
Stranger: can i see more?
You: hahaha
Stranger: pretty please?
You: *img removed*
Stranger: i like :)
You: *img removed*
You: where are you from? haha
Stranger: ny
You: hahah woah really? what town are you from?
Stranger: upstate
You: what city?
Stranger: syracuse
Stranger: you?
You: Hahaha oh my gosh
You: I'm from Lakelan
You: lakeland*
Stranger: oh really?
Stranger: cool
You: yeah lol
Stranger: small world
You: yeah def :)
You: hahaha
Stranger: alright well im gonna get in the shower now
Stranger: email me sometime if you want
You: aww
You: need some help?
You: haha
Stranger: :)
Stranger: no but i know something you can do for me...
You: wat
Stranger: take some new pics and send them to me ;)
You: idk
Stranger: oh come on...
Stranger: please?
You: if you stay now
Stranger: ok hurry
Stranger: i can wait a little
You: how long?
Stranger: like 15 minutes tops
You: uhh idk
Stranger: ok 20
You: Yeah wait 15t
You: that'd be great
Stranger: ok hurry!
You: I will... I will
Stranger: :)
Stranger: let me know when you're ready
You: what kind of pics do you want?
You: haha
You: :)
Stranger: whatever you want to show me :)
Stranger: just dont be shy
You: well wat do you like
Stranger: everything
You: everything as in? ;) haha
Stranger: tits
Stranger: ass
Stranger: pussy
Stranger: everything
You: Hahaha
You: give me like 10 minutes
Stranger: ok
You: ok

10 - 15 minutes later... (for the effect)

You: i took them on my phone
You: wats ur cell
Stranger: i really dont like to give out my cell number...
You: ok then
Stranger: umm
Stranger: can you upload them?
You: no i cant i dont have the card thingy
Stranger: damn
You: i feel safer sending them to a phone than to the in ternet where anyone can get them
You: you know?
Stranger: yea
You: havent you seen that commercial?
You: its scary
Stranger: yea i have
Stranger: alright im gonna give you my cell
Stranger: but...
Stranger: dont mess around with it alright
You: waty do u mean?
Stranger: like give it out to peopl and shit like that
You: oh ok..
You: dont be mad
You: i didnt do anyhting rong
Stranger: yea i know
You: im sorry if i did
Stranger: but i really dont like giving it out
You: oh ok
Stranger: but im trusting you
Stranger: ok?
You: yeah
Stranger: *pedo's number removed*
You: one sec

A few minutes later... (for the effect)

You: Hello sir. I am Jonathon Manuwitz with Dateline NBC. I have tracked your IP address to an exact location and your cell phone has also confirmed this location. A local squad car will be sent to your house in less than hour. You have been charged with Distributing Pornography to a minor, requesting Child Pornography and Sexual Harassment. Do you have anything else you’d like to say? Please note this will be in the text document in your legal charge.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

So much fun.
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