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loveisonthedole wrote on Apr 24th, 2012 5:04pm

Hey man,

I saw your thread about wanting to upgrade your les paul. I have an Epi LP Studio and I'm currently considering doing the same and found this website incredibly useful:

http://www.mylespaul.com/forums/epiphone-les-pauls /120771-upgrading-epiphone-les-paul-custom.html

Some of the people using that forum run businesses that make custom parts for Les Pauls etc they do kits where they do all the wiring for you and you just need to connect the pick ups. Contrary to what some people say on UG, the people over at les paul forums were telling this guy he should definitely upgrade the electronics before the pick ups.

Hope you find it useful, I'll be getting all my advice over there when it comes to my LP.

(man, this really sounds like I work for that forum or something! I don't! haha!)


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