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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Things to be happy about

Just saw this on the pit today and thought it was hilarious::haha:
[QUOTE=Malakian88]Things to be happy about:
- The fact you're alive
- Guitar (or bass if you prefer)
- The Pit (or maybe not)
- Mayonnaise
- Beer
- Breasts
- Machine Head's new album
- Now I Lay Thee Down from aforementioned album
- The bass in aforementioned song
- More beer
- More breasts
- Pizza
- Fluffy bunnies
- Me
- The fact that you're not, as far as I'm aware, an egg.  If you were you'd take five minutes to get hard and would only ever get laid once.  By your mother.[/QUOTE]
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Friday, October 05, 2007

a part of me just died

Current mood: sad

I was just playing my electric guitar, trying to learn the solo for Cowboys From Hell (tough undertaking, I know) when all of a sudden, right after that part with the hammer-ons at the 11th fret, you know, where the solo starts I felt a slight whipping sensation on my right forearm and noticed the sound stopped somehow.
My first instinct was, without even ng down at the guitar, to scream "SON OF A BITCH!!!!" then I looked at my guitar and saw the high e string hanging loose from the bridge and after closer inspection i saw that it snapped right at the tunning peg....... a part of me died in that moment
This was a HUGE bummer for me 'cause that string set had lasted me since I bought this guitar about 6 months ago, and, surprisingly, they didn't feel rusty or did they sound dimmed, at least not enough to indicate the need to change them.
It sucks because now I gotta go and buy a whole new set of strings since they don't sell them individually at my music store. Besides, When I change only one string it usually looks or sounds quite different from the rest of the set so I change them all in full.... anyway, I know this sounds silly, but I'm gonna keep that set of strings, if anything for the cool memoires and fun tiems that I had with them (that's my first and only electric, so I'm fairly attached to it) :'(
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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Just noticed

Current mood: sick

I just realized that my UG profile has about double the number of friends in it than my myspace, even tho I started the myspace on about a year and a half ago compared to the.... three? months that I've had the UG one
Just a random thing that I realized just now... em.... well, that comes to prove that I'm BORED off my ass right now if I have the time and motivation to write something as randmo as this... I need to get over this cold/flu/whatever-you-wanna-call-it quick so I can get on with my life... I'm just gonna go and practice guitar now...
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Thursday, August 30, 2007

so... college... WTF?!

Current mood: sleepy

ok... so... well... is this it? I was kinda expecting a little more, kinda like, I expected the classes to be so much harder than in high school, it might just be that the teachers haven't really gotten started with all the hard work yet, or maybe I'm just wierd like that.
So, my US history class... well, let's just say that I learned mroe from my history teacher in high school in one class than I have right now. Maybe that's the problem, that I've already gone through all the stuff.
The music classes are pretty cool tho, I can't really name a favorite, but I'm really into all of them.
My french class sucks, it's all too basic. I'll just go and get tested out of that one and put into one where I'll actually learn new stuff, the one problem is that the test is next week, so I get to go and space out for an hour and a half while linguisticly-challenged, and seemingly uninterested people try to wrestle their way through french 2, it's kinda funny actually.
So, I joined a mariachi group as part of my music curriculum and Im' having SO much fun in there! I just need to get used to sight reading music and I'll be gold in there, I should probably go and talk to my music theory teacher for that instead of being here ranting about shit, oh well, i'll go there in a sec.
Oh, yeah, yesterday I had this little biking accident and my left middle finger got FUCKED UP! seriously, i mean there's a deep, trench-like gap right below the fingertip and a few little gashes in the back and there's little strips of skin hanging from it while all the damaged skin looks almost like muscle tissue... it looks really disgusting but it's not half as bad as it sounds. It does sting whenever I move my finger, which makes playing guitar a real pain in the ass
So, this week has been kinda slow since there's not much to do so i'll just wait till next week when sports clubs and other such stuff starts (looking forward to fencing!). In the meantime I'll just try to get enough sleep and make up for lost sleeping time, good thing monday's labor day and school's out.
Well, I'm done ranting, so here's to... to... I don't even know what to toast to at the moment, so let's just say... to... to Life! yeah, that sounds good.
To Life!!!!
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Monday, August 20, 2007

A new beginning

Ok, so, tomorrow I have my freshmen orientation session for UNT, and then afterwards it's moving in tothe dorms and FINALLY getting out of my parent's house... don't get me wrong, I love them to death, but I could kill them sometimes. So anyway, I'm both nervous and exited, finally, college, the get-out-there-and-experience-the-world experience... also, the time for poligamy, vice, decadence, addiction and for all means and purposes all the fun that you can't have while living with your family... sorto... kinda... ok, it depends on your college, but, whatever, I just know it's gonna be fun anyway, but it's also probablyt gonna be hard as hell and I'm gonna get to expand my musical skills greatly since I'm going to a college with one of the best music schools in the US (UNT) and will probably get to meet some people that will really help me get better as a musician.
So, here's to a new beginning, a new life, and life like I've always wanted:cheers:
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