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311 - Sometimes Jacks Rule the Realm Bass Tag (COV   (00:58)
My "slightly" off variation of P-Nut's bass solo tag found at the end of one of my favorite 311 songs, "Sometimes Jacks Rule the Realm" from the album Evolver. It's a rough copy. Better version to come... { Tags : 311, Sometimes, Jacks, Rule, the, realm, Bass, Solo, Tag, Cover, Nut, pnut, peanut, beastly, skills }
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The One that Got Away   (02:03)
This one's pretty rough... but there's other tracks I'd rather work on.
I wrote the basic rhythm track and then it "got away" from me. Hence the title...
Recorded and mixed using Ableton Live 7. I did a little bass tapping, though it didn't come through to much. I played every instrument except for the drums, which I programmed into Hydrogen.
Nothing fancy or special. I was basically just trying to get the hang of the programs.
I hoped the first track I put here would have more bass. oh well. Next time. { Tags : Ableton, Live, Hydrogen, Bass, Tapping, Guitar, Keyboards, Strings, Keys, Instrumental, Original }
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My Mjolnir Mix   (02:00)
A track I did... duh...
My rendition(-ish thing) of the Halo theme Mjorlnir Mix.
Everything minus the strings is bass guitar. I slapped the drums, and put distortion on the solo part using PODfarm.
My good buddy Arrowdrummer215 plays the beautiful bit at the end, arranged with keys.
Here is his channel
All parts recorded using PODfarm and Abelton Live 7.
Yeah... { Tags : Bass, Guitar, Halo, Master, Cheif, Chief, Bungie, Steve, Vai, Arrow, Drummer, 215, Arrowdrummer215, Drums, percussion, tag, tags, this, thisisalsoatag, abelton, live, PODfarm, Pod, Farm, solo, keyboards, keyboard, keys, piano, strings, samick, Optimus, Prime, enough, yet, Sony, Windows, youtube, you, tube, done }
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How Odd...?   (03:06)
Me playing with effects and odd time signatures { Tags : playing, with, effects, and, odd, time, signatures }
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