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Friday, June 04, 2010


Current mood: contemplative

About to go to bed. But i felt like i need to air this one thing...
What is the point in examinations?.....Like, they say, you have to do well in these to do well on life. Well, whats thier definition of doing well in life....To me, doing well in life is living how you want to and not following the sheep-like socity of 'normal' people. Doing well in life to me is being happy, and having those closest to you be happy . Helping people! I dont need to poxy piece pf paper with a few letters on it to do well in life. To be honest, the phrase 'do well in life' is stupid! I want to do well in MY life yes, but not life itself...Most people will think this is a stupid person making excuses for failing...truth is, im not. I just dont need all this crap to make myself feel like i have achived something. In the grand scale of things, they are nothing but are made out to be the be all and end all...
And yes, my opinion wont change a thing...but it good to have :) haha x
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