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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Enter the 3 Night Addiction

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So does this site still have any activity?  Seems to only be the forum that's active nowadays.

What's up?

So after being away from this site for quite a while I find myself needing to use this to vent again.  It's like the room you used to occupy at your parents' house, it's always there and when you sit down on that bed you feel like you're right back at home.  After all this site is where my musical journey has always found its home.

But I digress, in the last few months there have been a shitload happen to me.

If I look at my last post about possible band names, I laugh as I actually have ended up closely combing one or two of them in my current venture with my friend Alain McAllister.

We have joined forces to form a band named 3 Night Addiction which can be seen here: www.facebook.com/3nightaddiction

Our main genre is hard rock/grunge/postgrunge if that makes sense. I've come up with the term hard grunge. Maybe that is close enough to what we do.

My personal life has fallen to pieces and I am not going to divulge.  It's been the motivation of a lot of work over the few months we have been writing music.

Presently our set consists of the following songs (I am listing to remember myself, why would anyone care otherwise):
1. Voices
2. Silent Screams
3. Behind her smile
4. Dark Regrets 
5. Into Dismay
6. No Man
7. Addicted
8. [untitled song]

We plan to only enlist a drummer and bassist as soon as we have completed our writing. 

That being said, if you are reading this please check out our page as listed above and hit like. 

I have shared our "No Man" rehearsal video at the following forum http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthr ead.php?t=1674938

Please let me know what you think.

Keep Rockin'
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