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Monday, September 02, 2013

oDe To MY PaST...

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Ode to my Past

As I start a new chapter
and close off the last
I discard my burdens 
With an ode to my past.

To all the strangers
I then had to see
And those who thought
they knew something of me
To all the desires
with Sirens as songs
and trustful minions
with less right than wrong

Selfish friendship
means nothing to me
Circles in forests 
turned me into me

Sweet departures
I'm glad for your glee
Straight and narrow
and bliss made for me

As the others 
fall and remain
in the same hole
in which they came

I spread my forgiveness
for all of your sins
Suffer in silence
While my life begins
Without the weight of
Resting upon
the minds of the free
ones I forget
Truthful allies
are harder to get

The love I have now
for always will last.
The winds of forgiveness
will empty my glass.

And as I embrace
the future at last
I leave my sorrows
with an ode to my past.
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