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Sunday, June 29, 2008

quiz (from Juile)

Current mood: bored

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Name :: Jake 
Nickname : idk
Age : 14
Do you look your age :i think 
Act your age :no
Birthday : January 10th
Average time getting ready for a party :depends 
Siblings :::Nick Matt Walt..... 
Do you get along with them : maybe.....

Pets : Yorkshire terroir
Hair and eye color : dirty blond hair, green eyes

 Song ::: idk right now I haven't decided
Singer :::  don't have a fav BAND right now
Color ::: black dark blue
Color to wear ::: BLACK 
Candy ::: candy's good
Year ::: oooooof???
Holiday ::: halloween
Animal ::: my dog
Day of the week :::fridays...
Season ::: spring (not too hot or cold N rain)
Drink ::: Idk
Grade in school :::kindergarten (nap time :P)

<3 LOVE & LIFE <3
Have a crush ::: maaayyybbbeeee
Ever been in love : 
How many REAL girlfriends have you had : who counts.... 
Kissed in the rain : yea
in a movie theatre :yes
fooled around in a car : WHAT????? 
in front of people : HELL NO WHAT ARE WE A SHOW
do you know how many people you kissed : no who counts
do you believe in true love : yes
ever kiss same sex : NO
ever been depressed : LOTS OF TIMES 
would you die for anyone :yes but just one person
any secrets :everyone has a secret
regrets : lots
rate your life so far 1-10 : 4
Hate anyone ::: yes 
do you judge people ::: no 
have a lot of friends ::: not rlly

 ThiS oR ThAt!!
Money or love ::: LOVE! You spend all youre money but love is still there
looks or personality : PERSONALITY! 
brains or beauty : huh? Like a girl nerd? or a cute girl?

few true friends or lots of friends ::: FEW TRUE FRIENDS! how do you know who to trust having lots of random friends 
family or friends : friends BUT only close friends above family
ice cream or ices : ices??? icecream I guess
orange juice or apple juice : ORANGE JUICE
chocolate or vanilla : Chocolate
cone or cup : DOESn't MatTER 
cheat or fail ::: Cheat
be blind or deaf ::: BLIND I could still listen to music 
math or english ::: EnGLIsH
science or history ::: history (science FTL)
be with boys or girls : boys
love and lost or never love at all : love and lost
disney world or disney land ::: NEITHER

swam ::: last week
sang ::: right then
were drunk ::: last yr

was in the hospital : 9 months ago
saw a unicorn ::: NEVER 
laughed to tears :::  few days ago
cried :::   right then
bled ::: when i got hurt...
stayed up all night ::: 2 days ago
threw up ::: 2 days ago
smoked ::: never 
did something religious ::: this morning
went to a zoo ::: never i h8 zoos
talked to an ex ::: 3 weeks ago

how old when you had first kiss :::5 
chill with more girls or guys ::: idk even amount of both
ever lick a battery ::: no
liked high school ::: Going this year 
best memory with family ::: me getting my first guitar for christmas (age 7)

a friend :::when me and noah almost got caught skating at my school.
a boy ::: uhhhhhh
first thing you do when you wake up ::: look around, see if it's day or night, go brush my teeth
fave month ::: June
how many kids do you want ::: 2
parents still together ::: yea
coffee or tea ::: TEA FTW
do you love yourself :::  not really
are you a tease ::: i don't think
flirty : who the hell cares?
moody : emotional
friendly : most of the time
stubborn : Sometimes
easy going : Depends
hyper : Not right now
bored : yes
tired : a little
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JuLiE_fEe wrote on Jun 29th, 2008 7:16pm

COOL you left alot of my answers :D :D


Jabanta35a wrote on Jul 1st, 2008 12:17am

well we have alot in comming =]=]=]


Jabanta35a wrote on Jul 1st, 2008 12:17am



JuLiE_fEe wrote on Jul 6th, 2008 7:54am

yeah that''s y were friends XD


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