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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sooner or later....

Current mood: crushed

I'd die everytime I see you go.
Writing your name
Calling your name
Cries of sorrow bring down thoughts of minor illusions and break through stone.
Lies fall upon me, making it harder to breathe, harder to hear, harder to speak.
It seems that everytime that you awake, you fall into a deeper sleep.
My arms can't hold you.
When you fall, you swipe my life away.
I want to deny any turmoil that hides away from my hope and dreams.
The blood on my hands are drying, quickly, remotely.
Undescribable movments of hate and reliable hearings of fate dwell inside me.
Escape my grasp, and run away. Hide yourself away from me.
Heed me, trust me, don't deny me. I will, I will....
Carousing freely through the streets, The quiet streets of hell.
Only to find yourself locked away in distress, and discomfort.
You hear screaming, and hellish tourture through your ears.
It leads up to suicide, don't cry upon yourself as you tie your noose.
Good turns to frail words, and frail turns to ash.
your ash asphyxiates me. My lungs turn to dust.
R.I.P. Bobby
I will never forget you bro...
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