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Monday, March 23, 2009

An Cafe in Stockholm 2009 :D

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19. mars I, my sister, a friend of us and dad (he had to come with us..) went to Stockholm to see An Cafe live! :D But we had to stand up 03.30 in the morning... But anyway, first we went to the airport in Trondheim, and then we took a flight to the sirport in Oslo, and then we flew to Stockholm! After that we took the train to Stockholm city, and then we had to walk to the hotel we were staying in.. It was a bit annoying that we had to walk, because it was pretty cold.. But when we finally came to the hotel, we gave them our bags, so we didn't have to go with them when we were out walking. But after we had walked for maybe a minute, dad remembered that our tickets to the concert were in his bag, so he had to go back.. But after that was fixed, we finally could move on! We ate in a restaurant who was near where An Cafe were going to sign their new album ^^, After we had eaten, we went to the store where they were going to sign it, but the line had really grown since we walked past it.. My sister got really grumpy and so did I because of her.. We stood in the line for maybe two houres, when they finally started to let people go in! When we came in the store, my sister teared down some cd's as she was screaming: "Kanon", "Teruki", "Yuuki", "Takuya" and "Miku" xD And finally it was out turn to get out cds and live dvds singed! :D First Teruki signed my dvd, he shoke my hand and when I took a picture of him, he tok the nyappy-sign :D After him, it Was Takuya! He signed my dvd, shoke my hand and then I got a hug from him :D:D But then a guy came and said "no hugs" :( And I forgot to mention, before I got a hug from Takuya, my sister had more or less thrown her self after him and gave him a hug.. (Just hugged my favourite guitarist! :D)Her bag almost hit Mikus head xD But after Takuya had signed my dvd, Miku did. He shoke my hand and took the nyappy-sign when I took a picture of him! And so it was Yuuki :D It was him I actually had been most excited to see, because of his glasses and wig xD He also shoke my hand and took the peace-sign when I took a picture of him^^, And at last it was Kanon! :D He shoke my hand, but when he was going to do that, he first reached his left hand (I think it was at least..) to shake mine, but I had reached my right hand to shake his, because my left hand was full xD Then he reached forward his right hand, but then I reached forward my left hand, But then I reached forward my right hand again, but he reached his left hand forward! xD But finally, he reached his left hand forward, and so did I, and then, we finally managed to shake each other hands! :D When we had gotten our things singed, we started to walk to Tyroll right away! ^^, In Tyroll, there already was a pretty long line, and I think we waited for maybe 1 hour.. Didn’t wait that long as we did before the signing, but it was really cold… But anyway, when we finally got inside it took a while before An Cafe came on stage, and when they did, everybody started to push each other so they could get closer.. I had problems seeing the stage, because I’m not really the highest one, but the main problem was that a really high guy came right in front of me, so I couldn’t see a thing D: After I while I finally decided to try to get closer to the stage. I managed to get pretty close :D I gotta say, An Cafe is amazing live, and it was really funny when Yuuki jumped around on the stage and dancing xD


And here is the list of the songs they played: (not in the correct order x])


Cherry Saku Yuuki

Tekeusta Kousen

Snow Scene

The Donald Duck-song xD (Don’t remember the name o it x])

Summer Dive

My Heart Lips for ‘c’

Kawayusus rock


Nyappy in the World 4


(I at least think that was all xD)


It was those songs they played, but when they were finished with the last song and they walked off stage, the audience started screaming “AN CAFE, AN CAFE” and so on. And after a while they came back to the stage! :D:D When they did, they played these songs:


Bonds kizune

Smile Ichiban ii Onna (I really think that’s a really good song to play all in the end because of the fantastic solo in the ned^^,)


I got sad when Miku said that Smile Ichiban Li Onna was the last song, but if it have been longer, I would probably have fainted xD Because it was really hot, and I didn’t drink at the concert. Or not before it was over… Really needed to drink before we walked back to the hotel, or I would have puked D: But the think I got really happy about, was that Miku said: “We will be back” on his crappy English! xD


The pictures from the concert and the signing have I loaded up in my pictures :D

Buut I got bored, so here they are too xD (Not everybody though) :
Takuya.jpg Takuya picture by dyne95
takuya <3
Miku2.png Miku picture by dyne95
Miku <3
Yuuki3.jpg Yuuki picture by dyne95
Yuuki <3
Teruki2.jpg Teruki picture by dyne95
Teruki <3
Kanon2.png Kanon picture by dyne95
Kanon <3
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