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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Mr. Brain xD

So, I didn't sleep last night, and the absolutely main reason of that is because it's so fucking light outside in the night because it's summer, but I was also very hyperactive, so I guess that was also one of the reasons.. x] I was actually pretty tired until I decided to watch Mr. Brain. Well, Mr. Brain is a japanese tv-serie, and in episode 2, Gackt had a guest role, or what ever it's cold.. Anyway, his character name was.. erhm.. I don't really remember the name, but I just called him PsychoGackt. The reason why I called him that, was because of his character (of course xD), because he played a psycopahic cannibal. Isn't that nice? =) Anyway, I was about to die of laughter, especially because of his laughter and smile, but I was also a bit dissapointed.. To be honest I was hoping there would be a bit more of PsychoGackt, but it wasn't.. Probably because in the beginning he got executed because he was in jail and had killed so many people. And seriously, he's a reall psycopath. When he is about to get hung, he starts talking about that he'll be reborn and kill they who arrested him and feast on them. (I at least think that was what he said.) And after that opening the episode goes, I think it was three or one year forwards. And then similar murders as PsychoGackt used to do it started. I think it was like after killing them with a kitchen knife, he started cutting their legs and hands off and then eating them and drinking their blood.. I think..... Anyway, in the first murder after he got hung, the police also found tons of fingerprints that belonged to PsycoGackt. So they get all "wut? isn't he dead? Maybe it's a ghost!" And I was all like "Yes! He's still alive :DD" But in the end it actually turned out that it wasn't him that had killed the newest victims, but a woman that was going to marry his last victim! But, again, in the end it turns out that it wasn't really he that had killed her fiance, but three police men that had an accident! They just made a deal with PsychoGackt, because he loved adding some more victims to his list. So therefor, the police men makes it look like it was PsycoGackt that had done it with cutting their hands and legs off. But in some way, the woman who was going to marry the man who the police men killed, actually figures out that it wasn't PsychoGackt that had killed them, but the police men!
Sorry if you don't understand what I mean in the end, it got a bit messy -.-

Anyway, because I though that Gackt looked so funny (also a bit scary, but most funny xD) and because I'm bored and don't have anything useful to do, I'll add some pictures:

mugshot.jpg Mr. Brain Gackt image by Sakechick 
Actually a pretty normal and nice picture of PsychoGackt...
PsychoGacktgettingarrested.jpg Gackt Mr Brain image by Sakechick 
Getting arrested.......................................... .................................................. .......
PsychoGackt2.jpg Gackt Mr Brain image by Sakechick
Don't exactly know where this is.. Maybe in his cell or something like that......
PsychoGacktbeinghung.jpg Gackt Last wo image by Sakechick
In this picture he's started talking about that he'll get reborn, kill them all, eat them and
drink their blood =)
PsychoGacktbeinghung2.jpg Gackt Last words image by Sakechick
THIS is my favourite picture! Just look at his smile xD And his laughter is really crazy :D
ewwwwwwwwwwww.jpg Hannible Gackt image by Sakechick
Yommi... Human Flesh, so delicious, I really got hungry now >: D
PsychoGacktbeinghung3.jpg Gackt Being Hung image by Sakechick
Just before he'll get executed.. Not hard to see though..
g02_07-1.jpg gackt Mr. Brain image by Rasgreen
In this picure he's just jabbed a pen or something like that through the doctor's hand, and after that he bit his neck =)

Here are the episodes:
Part 1: http://www.dramacrazy.net/japanese-drama/mr-brain/ mr-brain-episode-2/
Part 2: http://www.dramacrazy.net/japanese-drama/mr-brain/ mr-brain-episode-2/2/
Part 3: http://www.dramacrazy.net/japanese-drama/mr-brain/ mr-brain-episode-2/3/
Part 4: http://www.dramacrazy.net/japanese-drama/mr-brain/ mr-brain-episode-2/4/

PsychoGackt is mainly in part 1.. Don't really think that there are any new clips of him in the other parts if I remember correct. 
And the guy who actually plays Mr. Brain is so irritating! D:

Almost something that I forgot to say or write or whatsoever: Happy birthday, Gackt :D <3
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Monday, March 23, 2009

An Cafe in Stockholm 2009 :D

19. mars I, my sister, a friend of us and dad (he had to come with us..) went to Stockholm to see An Cafe live! :D But we had to stand up 03.30 in the morning... But anyway, first we went to the airport in Trondheim, and then we took a flight to the sirport in Oslo, and then we flew to Stockholm! After that we took the train to Stockholm city, and then we had to walk to the hotel we were staying in.. It was a bit annoying that we had to walk, because it was pretty cold.. But when we finally came to the hotel, we gave them our bags, so we didn't have to go with them when we were out walking. But after we had walked for maybe a minute, dad remembered that our tickets to the concert were in his bag, so he had to go back.. But after that was fixed, we finally could move on! We ate in a restaurant who was near where An Cafe were going to sign their new album ^^, After we had eaten, we went to the store where they were going to sign it, but the line had really grown since we walked past it.. My sister got really grumpy and so did I because of her.. We stood in the line for maybe two houres, when they finally started to let people go in! When we came in the store, my sister teared down some cd's as she was screaming: "Kanon", "Teruki", "Yuuki", "Takuya" and "Miku" xD And finally it was out turn to get out cds and live dvds singed! :D First Teruki signed my dvd, he shoke my hand and when I took a picture of him, he tok the nyappy-sign :D After him, it Was Takuya! He signed my dvd, shoke my hand and then I got a hug from him :D:D But then a guy came and said "no hugs" :( And I forgot to mention, before I got a hug from Takuya, my sister had more or less thrown her self after him and gave him a hug.. (Just hugged my favourite guitarist! :D)Her bag almost hit Mikus head xD But after Takuya had signed my dvd, Miku did. He shoke my hand and took the nyappy-sign when I took a picture of him! And so it was Yuuki :D It was him I actually had been most excited to see, because of his glasses and wig xD He also shoke my hand and took the peace-sign when I took a picture of him^^, And at last it was Kanon! :D He shoke my hand, but when he was going to do that, he first reached his left hand (I think it was at least..) to shake mine, but I had reached my right hand to shake his, because my left hand was full xD Then he reached forward his right hand, but then I reached forward my left hand, But then I reached forward my right hand again, but he reached his left hand forward! xD But finally, he reached his left hand forward, and so did I, and then, we finally managed to shake each other hands! :D When we had gotten our things singed, we started to walk to Tyroll right away! ^^, In Tyroll, there already was a pretty long line, and I think we waited for maybe 1 hour.. Didn’t wait that long as we did before the signing, but it was really cold… But anyway, when we finally got inside it took a while before An Cafe came on stage, and when they did, everybody started to push each other so they could get closer.. I had problems seeing the stage, because I’m not really the highest one, but the main problem was that a really high guy came right in front of me, so I couldn’t see a thing D: After I while I finally decided to try to get closer to the stage. I managed to get pretty close :D I gotta say, An Cafe is amazing live, and it was really funny when Yuuki jumped around on the stage and dancing xD


And here is the list of the songs they played: (not in the correct order x])


Cherry Saku Yuuki

Tekeusta Kousen

Snow Scene

The Donald Duck-song xD (Don’t remember the name o it x])

Summer Dive

My Heart Lips for ‘c’

Kawayusus rock


Nyappy in the World 4


(I at least think that was all xD)


It was those songs they played, but when they were finished with the last song and they walked off stage, the audience started screaming “AN CAFE, AN CAFE” and so on. And after a while they came back to the stage! :D:D When they did, they played these songs:


Bonds kizune

Smile Ichiban ii Onna (I really think that’s a really good song to play all in the end because of the fantastic solo in the ned^^,)


I got sad when Miku said that Smile Ichiban Li Onna was the last song, but if it have been longer, I would probably have fainted xD Because it was really hot, and I didn’t drink at the concert. Or not before it was over… Really needed to drink before we walked back to the hotel, or I would have puked D: But the think I got really happy about, was that Miku said: “We will be back” on his crappy English! xD


The pictures from the concert and the signing have I loaded up in my pictures :D

Buut I got bored, so here they are too xD (Not everybody though) :
Takuya.jpg Takuya picture by dyne95
takuya <3
Miku2.png Miku picture by dyne95
Miku <3
Yuuki3.jpg Yuuki picture by dyne95
Yuuki <3
Teruki2.jpg Teruki picture by dyne95
Teruki <3
Kanon2.png Kanon picture by dyne95
Kanon <3
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Friday, February 13, 2009

Batman Begins and The Dark Knight...

Current mood: surprised

Yesterday they sent Batman Begins on the television. And then I noticed that the trains were driving high up in the air (they who have seen the movie would probably understand, at least i hope so), but in The Dark Knight there was only a regular city without any trains high up in the air x] I think it maybe should have been trains like that in The Dark Night too, but The Dark Night is the best movie ever no matter what! :D

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Monday, February 02, 2009

Death Note

Current mood: frustrated

I'm just done reading the 7th book of Death Note, and I got really sad and frustrated! The reason of that is because L, who's my favourite person in Death Note, got Killed! :eek: Allthough, because of L's death, Near and Mello (who I think is L's brothers) appeared. Actually I didn't like Mello, but I liked Near.. ^^, The main reason of that is probably that he look and acts a lot like L.. But it would have been better if L had survived...
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Monday, January 26, 2009

My movies xD

Current mood: bored

All the movies i and my family own:

Lost season 1,2,3,4
Supernatural season 1,2,3
Jackass 1,2
Starsky & Hutch
Scary Movie 4
Kung Fu Hustle
Simpsons the movie
Men in black 2
I want candy
Nacho Libre
Dumb and Dumber
Be kind rewind
The Dukes of hazzard
Hot Fuzz
Thank you for smoking
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
The Perfect man
Taxi 2,3,4
Free Jimmy
Kill Buljo
Tommys Inferno(A norwegian movie, but don't know the name in english^^)
Snabb Grabbar (Don't know the english name, but that's swedish :P)
Meet the spartans
Out in Our Garden
Ugly Betty season 1
Desperate Housewives season 1,3,4
House season 2,4
Garfield 1,2
Go Tufte! (LOL)
Really Bend it like Becham
Homeward Bound
Lord of the Rings (cartoon)
The mask
Some Donald Duck movies
Racing Stripes
Agent Cody Banks 2
Happy Feet
Harry Potter 1,2,3,4,5
Jurassik Park 3
The 10th Kingdom
The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
The Da Vinci Code
King Arthur
Pans Labirynth
Pompel og Pilt (Don't know the english name of it..)
Underworld Evolution
Van Helsing
King Kong
Gladiator Spartacus
The Last Samurai
War of the Worlds
The invasion
Pirates of the caribbean 1,2,3
Iron Man (<3)
Spiderman 1,2,3
X-men 1,2
Batman Begins
Superman returns
Fantastic four 1,2
The Incredible Hulk 1,2
The lord of the rings 1,2,3, + 3 special edition
Alien 1,2,3
Alien Ressurection
Alien vs. Predator 1,2
Star Wars 1,2,3,4,5,6
Matrix 1,2,3
Minority Report
National Treasure 1,2
Tomb Raider, 1,2
Starship Troopers
Event Horizon
Dark City
The X-files 1, 2
The Rock
Blade Runner (4 different editions)
Smokin' Aces
Shoot em up
We own the night
Sin City
A scanner darkly
Kill Bill 1,2
Tomorrow never dies (James Bond)
The world is not enough (james bond)
Die another day (James bond)
Casino Royale (James Bond)
Die Hard 1,3,4
The Bourne Identity
The Bourne Supremacy
The Bourne Ultimatum
V for Vendetta
Lethal Weapon 4
Mr. and Mrs Smith
Deep Blue Sea
Perfect Storm
The Day after Tomorrow
Deep Impact
The Core
Dante's Peak
World Trade Center
Flight 93
The Kite Runner
There will be blood
Finding neverland
Edward Scissorhands
The nightmare before christmas
Corpse Bride
A Guide to Recognizing your Saints
Walk the Line
The Passion of the Christ
Notes on a Scandal
A room with a view
Cold Mountain
Cinderella man
Hope Floats
Midnight express
Flags of our Fathers
Letters from Iwo Jima
Saving Private Ryan
Der Untergang
Mr. Bean
Monty Python's Life of Brian
Larger Than Life
Pat Metheny Group
Pink Floyd, Pulse
Pink Floyd
Molvær (something norwegian i think...)
The Walv
Lene Marlin dvd
King Crimson
Deep Purple
Tangerine Dream
Heavy Metal
Beatles, Yellow Submarine
Ocean's 11
Ocean's 12
Ocean's 13
The Italien job (the old and the new edition)
Aeon Flux
Lucky number Slevin
The Island
Kiss kiss bang bang
Death Sentence
American Gangster
The Departed
Michael Clayton
The Brave one
Lady Vengeance
Assault on Precinct 13
The Illusionist
No country for old men
Night at the Museum
Ghost Rider
The Brothers Grimm
Arn, The Knight Templar
The Golden Compass
10,000 BC
Charlie and the Chocolate factory
Charlie and the chocolate factory (old edition)
Good cop Bad cop
The mummy 1,2,3
Indiana Jones 1,2,3,4
The Jungle Book
A Bugs Life
Cartoon Crazy 1,2
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
Stuart little 2
Olsenbanden jr 1,2 (Something norwegian..)
Treasure Planet
Shrek 1,2, 3
Lilo & Stich 1,2
Småspioner 2,3 (something norwegian again..)
Inspector Gadget
The Iron Giant
Mickey's Twice upon a Christmas
Countdown to Christmas
Monsters, Inc.
The Emperor's New Groove
Toy Story 1,2
Pete's Dragon
Begynn å ri (lol) (Norwegian crap, meens on english: "Start Riding")
Haunted Mansion
Mickey's christmas
Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas
Terkel i knipe (Something danish..)
The Three Musketeers - Mickey, Donald & Goofy
Lady and the Tramp
The Incredibles
Finding Nemo
Space Jam (our first movie :D)
Ice Age 1,2
The Lion King 1,2,3
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
Pitbull Terje (Norwegian crap again..)
Mary Poppins
Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatre
101 dalmatians
102 dalmatians
SOS svartskjær (Norwegian crap again^^,)
Ulvesommer (Norwegian movie again...)
The Descent
One missed call
The Grudge 1,2
The ring 1,2
White Noise 1,2
Saw 1,2,3,4
Hostel 1,2
The Hills Have Eyes 1,2
House of 1000 corpses
The devils rejects
Death Proof
Planet Terror
Stay Alive
Cold Prey
Rovdyr (Norwegian horror movie..)
House of Wax
Halloween Resurrection
Halloween (Rob Zombie)
Dead Silence
Room 1408
The Village
Proom Night
The Messenger
The Hitcher
The Others
The Legacy
Taking Lives
The Perfume
Black Sheep
The Return
Hannibal Rising
The Reaping
Skeleton Key
28 days later
28 weeks later
The Amityville Horror
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1,2
Dawn of the Dead
Exorcist, The Begining
The Exorcism of Emily Rose
Children of the Corn
The Omen
The Birds
Are you Scared (flopp)
Silent Hill
The Wicker man
30 days of night
Stephen King's, The Mist
The Eye
Resident Evil, Extinction
Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Childer of Men
Wolf Creek
The Bone Collector
The Orphanage
Return to the House on Haunted Hill
Number 23
Hangmans Curse (loool)
Cursed (looool)
I am Legend
Million Dollar Baby
In The Name of the King
What Happens in Vegas
Tomie, replay
Tomie, rebirth
Tomie, the final chapter
The Bank Job
Sex and the City, the movie
The Ruins
Fool's Treasure
The Happening
Chaos Theory
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prins Caspian
Vantage Point
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Female Assasains
Hell Ride
Speed Racer
The Last Joint Venture
Female Agents
High School Musical 2
Zombie Stripers
X-Files 2
In Bruges
The Grand
Nyappy Go Around Fever
Made of Honor
Polartingen (A documentary of the polar ice or something like that...)
Miles Davis
Brother Bear
Knocked Up
The Love Guru
One Tree Hill season 1
The Forbidden Kingdom
The Object
Tropic Thunder
You Don't Mess With the Zohan
Eagle Eye
Apocalypse Now Redux
Runaway Train
Cold Prey 2
Troubled Water
Max Payne
Tales From the Darkside
Burn After Reading
Dead Snow
Saw V
Pineapple Express
The Spirit
What Just Happened
Amityville 2, The Posession
Nameless Liberty Six Guns (the GazettE)
CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY (girugamesh)
Pokémon the Movie 2000
Bride Wars
PS Company Peace&Smile 2009 (the GazettE, alice nine., Kra, Kagrra,, SuG and Screw)
Death Note
Max Manus
Death Note II
Bedtime Stories


Batman, The Dark Knight (<3)
Kung Fu Panda
Bangkok Dangerous
The Strangers
Vertical Limit
Quantum of Solace
Body of Lies
Kurt blir grusom (don't know the english name..)
The Day the Earth Stood Still
Yes Man
Pulp Fiction
The International
Friday the 13th (the new movie)
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

+ various documentaries

And that's 481 movies together if i've counted right! :D

Soon to come:

Kill Buljo 2,3
Sin City 2,3
Alice In Wonderland
Iron Man 2
17 Again
Diary of The Dead
Sukiyaki Western Django
Bunraku (Gackt :D)
My Bloody Valentine 3-D
Friday the 13th
Red Sonja
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Angels and Demons
Moon Child (HYDE and Gackt :D:D)
Oresama (Miyavi ftw!!)
L: Change the World (but only if we actually find a good place that sells it, but haven't even found a place that sells it yet ;o)
It'll probably take a while before we're buying Moon Child and Oresama, because we ordered from neotokyo today (21/06), but I didn't order them because it got a bit expensive ;o But I did order the two Death Note movies :D
Bunraku will probably be released in Norway too ^^, After all, it is an american movie :D
Angels and Demons is my favourite book, so I'm looking forward to the movie ^^, Allthough I don't have very big hopes for it.. ;o
I'm also looking forward to The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus :D After all, it's Heath Ledger's absolute last movie ^^, And because he died before they were done shooting it, Johnny Depp (my favourite actor), Jude Law and Colin Farrel ^^,
I was really bored when i made this list.. Didn't have something better to do at the moment x]
And feel free to suggest movies! ^^,

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