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Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Problem With God..

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The Problem With God..
1)) God is omniscient:: It knows everything logically possible to know.
2))God is omnipotent:: Able to do everything logically possible to do
3)) God is omibelevolent:: It is of universal good will and desires to do everything good that can possibly be done.
These facts being true, here is my problem ::
1)) God is omniscient:: It knows all the pain and suffering in the world.
2)) God is omnipotent:: It has the ability to end all evil and create perfection at will.
3)) God is omnibelevolent:: It supposedly WANTS to end all evil and yearns to make perfection reality.
If God were real, the world wouldnt be the hell-hole it is now.
((Oh..and I'm not Athiest...if You can some how convince me the guy exsists, I'm all for believing in him.))
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