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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Album Art Covers

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Friday, August 10, 2012

UG Awards 2012 and 2013

Current mood: happy

2013 Best Gear:



The UG 2012 Awards thread is here: 
http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.ph p?t=1556297

2012 Best Bassist
1st: Oyface
2nd: Ippon / Deliriumbassist
3rd: All Single Votes

2012 Best Gear
1st: Ippon
2nd: Tom 1.0
3rd: All Single Votes

2012 Best Pictures
1st: Ippon / SlackerBabbath
2nd: All Single Votes
3rd: N/A

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

http://www.beautiful people.com/en-US

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

UG Awards 2011

Current mood: mellow

http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.ph p?t=1475012


Best Profile

1. davrockist
2. Kensai
3. all other single votes

Best Blogs

1. Carmel
2. AcousticMirror
3. all other single votes

Best MP3s

1. entity0009
2. Demon Wolf / MatrixClaw
3. all other single votes

Best Gear

1. Ippon
2. all other single votes

Best Pictures

1. GenderNeutral / ilikepirates
2. all other single votes


Current Amps:
1 Soldano SLO100
1 Soldano Decatone
2 Bogner Uberschall Twin Jets
Bogner  Ecstasy 101B
Bogner Alchemist
1 Diezel VH4
1 Diezel Herbert
2 Splawn Nitros (EL34 & KT88)
1 Splawn QuickRod
1 MB Triple Rec 2 ch
1 MB Triple Rec 3 ch
MB Road King II
1 MB Royal Atlantic 100
MB Stiletto Trident
1 MB TremOVerb
1 MB  Mark IV
1 ENGL SE E670 +
1 Peavey 6505+
Peavey JSXs (EL34, 6L6, FJA mod)
1 Orange RockerVerb 100 MKII
1 Orange ThunderVerb 200
1 Hughes & Kettner TriAmp MK II
1 Hughes & Kettner Duotone
1 Laney VH100R
1 Fryette Pittbull 100 CLX
Fryette Sig:X
1 Rivera Knucklehead 100
1 Rivera Knucklehead Tre (KTre)
1 Egnater TourMaster 4100 
1 Jet City JCA100
1 Ampeg SVT Classic
1 Traynor YBA200
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Sunday, July 06, 2008
Monday, March 31, 2008

2007 Guitar Building & Customizing Awards

Current mood: grateful

From  XibanezedgeX: RESULTS!!1!

2007 GB&C Awards Thread

1) Best regular poster in GB&C- 3 way tie between Cord, Ippon and Ormbsy
2) Best instrument build- Carusal's strats got 4 votes
3)Best electronic build- 4 way tie between Kurt's Champ, Drew's ToasterRuby, The Smoke Alarm piezo and The Talkbox
4) Funniest overall member. SYK wins
5) Worst user- "Aucostic Boy" (that imature kid that wanted to build an aucostic becuase it would be cool)
6) Best avatar- Tie between Tubab0y and TheDev0IdOne  (who voted for himself :p: )
7)Best sig- Eddiehimself
11) Best Picture taking skills- Ormsby wins
14) Biggest Fanboy- Ulrik (Ippon fanboy, but he has a valid reason for it)
16) Best username- XibanezedgeX (Yes Admbwr, I'm edge :cheers: <- Iced tea)
19) Biggest ego- SYK
20)Worst Avatar- Eddiehimself
21) Most Respected- Ippon and Ormsby
22) Most knowledgeable- Tie between Ippon, Cord, Algee, and Ormsby
23) Nicest member- Ippon and Admbwr tied
24) Best (regular) newbie- XibanezedgeX and srv
25) Member with best gear/rig- Ippon, Mr_Hankey and The_Mailman tied
28) Best sticky- Drew's tutorial sticky
29) Fastest at building guitars- carousel's
30a) Best (non-stickied) official/ultimate/only thread- The Ultimate Pedal Building/Modding thread
32) Best Tool- Router
32a) Biggest "tool"- "Aucostic boy"
36)Best new idea- The Smoke Alarm pickup
37)Worst new idea- 8-neck
38)Worst thread- "The Ultimate Guitar Building Thread" (:haha)
39)Favourite thread topic- Build threads
40)Most annoying thread topic- "Can I put a FR on *insert guitar*?!?1"
41)Favorite guitar to mod- Squire Strat
42)Favorite amp to mod- VJ
43)Favorite pedal to mod- Boss DS-1
44)Most frequently cited site- Project guitar
45)Most overused phrase or advice- "BUY DEM EMG'S, DEY R TEH BR00TALZ1ST"
48)Most common reason for a GB&C thread failing HARD- Either the TS is a git, the question was pointless, the TS doesn't understand how to work the search bar or its taking to long to finish

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fender Colors: '61 to '67 and Modern

Current mood: creative

I love Fenders as much as I love Gibsons ... and Burnys, Ibanezes, Epiphones (MIJ), Tokais, Squiers (specially MIJ  JVs and SQs), Washburns, etc.

However, I enjoy modding Strats the most; so, for those curious about the Vintage Fender Colors that matter, here they are:

1961 - 1963

1963 - 1964


1966 - 1967

Color Chart

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hybrid MIJ/MIM PBass - this defines Punch!

Current mood: productive

The Christmas 2007 PBass mod/build has been put on hold due to too many activities: Judo, BJJ, school musical in February, Jinny, exams, etc.  I want to do an awesome job on the horribly abused body (fill in missing chunks, specially in the neck pocket, strengthen the crack, again in the neck pocket, etc.) and this requires a lot of planning, weighing options, activities I can't focus at the moment.

So, the next best thing (to satisfy the modding bug) is to help a bassist buddy assemble a PBass that won't embarrass him.  We planned for components that will sound amazing but won't break the bank after the proper assembly and finishing.

After watching Craigslists and neighborhood garage sales all over Sonoma, Napa, and Marin Counties the past 2 months, we finally have our parts:
$ 50 - Loaded Antique White MIM body in Alder
$ 90 - Black MIJ Aerodyne Jazz Bass neck with Tuners
$ 00 - DiMarzio Split Coil PBass PU (spare I'm donating)
$ 00 - Strings (from Memorial Day sale at GC, forgot how much)
$ 12 - Krylon ($3/can on sale)

My buddy has less than impeccable design sense but since this is his Bass, I couldn't convince him to go with my color recommendations and neither could Erica. So after a half hour of scuff sanding with 200 grit and a finer sanding with 400 grit, we were ready to prime.  We could've skipped this step but we had time and lots of spray cans (30 or so at last count).

Orange peel ... no worries, will be sanded away:

Orange peel is gone ... test fit with the neck:

After about an hour of drying, we sprayed the Red ... An hour later, we clearcoated ... 2 hours later, we re-assembled the Bass:

The DiMarzio didn't disappoint - it defines Punch!  So, for a little over $150, call it $200 to include the DM Split Coil, we have an amazing, stealth weapon.  The neck width is a little thin for my liking but is perfect for my friend who has shorter fingers, smaller hand.  

This project took less than 24 hours so extra care is needed so we can properly polish after a month or so.  The primer was applied by Erica, the Red was applied by Erica and Nick, the Clear was sprayed by Nick, and the assembly was completed by Erica and Nick while supervised by yours truly. :)


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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Squier 51: A modder's delight and so far, awesome

I'm still new to modding since I started my 1st complete mod in the Summer of 2006 (see my sig for the 1st mod).  This is all thanks to savvy and helpful modders of the UG's GB&C Forum - they know who they are and I've acknowledged them in my 1st Mod thread.

After modding a bunch of Strats and Teles and copies, LPs and copies, Squier '51s, Ibanezs, Washburns, PBasses and copies, Jazz Basses and copies, unknown MIJ Mahogany shredders, etc., I must say that the most awesome Bang for the $$$ that I've had the pleasure of modding is the Squier '51.

For those familiar with my posts in the EG, GG&A, and GB&C subforums, the Squier '51 was discontinued in March '07.  I can speculate why this occured but that's not the point of this blog.

In the ensuing close-out events, lots of online shops, SamAsh, MF, Music123, ZZounds, ePay :) etc., started unloading these babies at $99 delivered, except for ePay where sellers load it up with S&H, of course.

To make it even more interesting, GC sold them for $70 over the Memorial Day weekend in '07.  I posted this event in approximately 20 or so threads to share the good news. 

So, what are the reasons for praising this inexpensive (cheap) guitar and why is it worth a blog?

* It has a 1-piece Hard Rock Maple Tele-style neck with a trussrod "skunk stripe" ala Fender, with a very nice clear, satin, Poly finish.
* Did I mention it sold for $150, then $99, then $70? 
* 9.5" fretboard radius with very nicely-installed frets.
* A very nice and modified "C" neck profile that is a wee bit "chunkier" than the usual "C" profile.
* Headstock, single-action truss adjustment, very convenient.
* The sealed tuners are passable and the string trees are properly spaced.
*  Why all this fuss about the neck? The neck alone is worth the $99 close-out price and undervalued for the $70 GC close-out price.  That's why!
* The solid Basswood body is pure Strat deliciousness even with the 3- or 4-piece build.
*  The pickguard and control plate is a very nice tribute to the '51 Fender PBass.
* The control plate covers a very nicely routed cavity.
* The top-loading bridge (not stringthrough) naturally provides less string tension (Physics) and are excellent for bends!  I've tested it from .009 to .013 and had no issues!
* The volume pot (500K) is also a push-pull, coil split for the bridge's AlNiCo V humbucker and the 3-way rotary switch makes it work well with the neck's Strat SC which is at an angle.
* The jack is mounted on the side, on a metal (not plastic!) plate.
* The body comes in workingman's Black, almost see-through Blonde, and SunBurst.

A few negatives, but miniscule in the overall scheme of things:
1.  The cheap plastic MUST be replaced. Still a cheap fix.
2.  That's it!

The Squier '51 is a modder's delight and there's a whole Forum dedicated to it's modding goodness.  Even the older folks at the Fender, HC, and Tele forums are crazy about this guitar.

I was fortunate to learn about the virtues of the Squier '51 prior to the GC Memorial Day $70 giveaway. When the day came, I've saved enough scratch to buy a couple to mod and/or give to friends for their BDays, score points with friends or their parents, etc. 

Typical mods were:
* Replaced plastic nuts with Bone or Horn or Corian or Tusq or Graphtec or other, better man-made nuts on all of them.
* Replaced the switch on most of them with a Switchcraft or the inexpensive one hawked by GF.
* Replaced a few with Wilkinson, vintage-style tuners.
* Re-finished most of them, of course. See my mod threads for my refinishing obsession.  Long live Crash!!!
* Replaced one with a MIJ Tokai Limited Edition neck to give it a more Strat look.
* Installed various SD (Antiquity buckers) and DiMarzio Virtual Vintage SCs (Blues, Heavy Blues, Solo, Solo Pro) and DM buckers (Breed, Fred, etc.).

The crazy result of Squier's move to discontinue this model is that most ePay sellers get ~$150 delivered.  Insane, but still worth it.

Here's the last one that I gifted to a friend:

Google Squier 51 forum to see some posts and mods of some hardcore fans.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas PBass Assembly from parts & Mod

Current mood: happy

So after feeding 20 or so relatives and friends who slept overnight, those who aren't on a stupor from the feeding frenzy have gone to visit other friends and relatives.

Because idle mind, idle hands can lead to uh-ohs and various gotchas, I decided to work on some stuff I received from relatives in Japan.  Since I don't have enough basses, I decided to focus on a PBass body that was used and abused (looks MIA or MIJ based on the PU route that doesn't extend to the control plate route) and a '62 RI PBass neck (CIJ).

I've started scuff sanding and should be ready to prime around 12:30 pm ... after the next feeding frenzy.

More pics in a bit.


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