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DIY: Radio-Champ Mk II (w/Tremolo) [unfinished]

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Almost done...

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DIY: Radio-Champ Mk II (w/Tremolo) [unfinished] pictures (5)
Invader Jima wrote on Jun 18th, 2017 8:24am

While rebuilding the original Radio-Champ, I decided to have a go at adding a tremolo circuit. After a complete overhaul of the original construction and having to totally rethink how I used the available space, this is what I ended up with.

The amp itself sounds real nice and there's not a trace of hum (believe it or not). Still trying to figure out why the trem doesn't want to work--possibly a weak tube. Anyway, all that's left is some final wiring and she's done. This time I even got to reuse the original handle screws and chrome control plate.

SketchUp model for download: 0-45f7-bf08-981e3066ce15/Fender-Mini-57-Twin-modif ied-update-11-10-16


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