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Saturday, January 01, 2011

2010 GB&C Awards

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User Awards

GB&C User of the year
Invader Jim x5
Explorerbuilder x4
Monkeylink07 x2

Most Helpful
MonkeyLink07 x4
james4 x2
All single votes

salgala2000 x3
james4 x2
All single votes


Absent Mind x3
All single votes

Biggest ego
Jason x6

Best newbie (Joined within the year)
salgala2000 x5
Explorerbuilder x4

Best sig
MonkeyLink07 x4
All single votes

Most likely to get banned next

Best GB&C merchant
Jason Jillard x4
nuthinbuttrubl8 x3

Thread Awards

Best guitar build thread
Jenrg's second build x4
All single votes

Best guitar restoration thread
Jason Jillard's Teisco x4
All single votes

Best amp build thread
Anything from kurtlives91 x4,
All single votes

Most outlandish build
Conor1418's 12-string x4
All single votes

Most creative/innovative instrument build
Conor1418's 12-string x3
Jason Jillards's Ice Guitar x3
Jason Jillard's Legocaster

Most creative/innovative amp/electronic build
Invader Jim's modified Kay 704A Vanguard Vibrato clone x2
CECamps' Power Amp Analysis
Jason Jillard's Ice Guitar

Best result from a mistake:
Copaman ended up using abalone inlay instead of cherry
Lostcreation333's build

Favorite sticky or official thread
GB&C Quick Questions thread x2
Guitar Wiring Thread x2
The Jim Thread x2

Favorite thread topic
Builds x7
Amp builds x2
Wiring x2

Most annoying thread topic
Which Pickups? x7
All single votes

Other Awards

Most common reason for a GB&C thread failing HARD
No planning x5
No pics x2
Which Pickups? x2

Favorite UG forum OTHER than GB&C
GG&A x2
EG x2
None x2

Most overused phrase or advice
Google it x3
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