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Thursday, December 24, 2009

2009 GB&C Awards

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===The 2009 GB&C Awards===

Here are the first and second-place winners of the 2009 GB&C Awards. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who participate in this fine online community.

An asterisk denotes a tie. Italic text denotes honorable mention.

User Awards:

GB&C User of the year:
Invader Jim- 12
zakkwyldefan79- 2

Most Helpful:
*james4- 6
*SomeoneYouKnew- 6
Invader Jim- 4

All the Regulars- 4
MikeyElite- 3

SomeoneYouKnew- 10
noisefarmer- 1

SomeoneYouKnew- 10
Scowmoo- 3

Biggest ego:
ormsby guitars- 12
*guitarcam123- 2
*Jason Jillard- 2

Best newbie (Joined within the year):
David Collins- 7
Jason Jillard- 4

Best username:
*rebelw/outachord- 4
*nuthinbuttrubl8- 4
Invader Jim 2

Best avatar:
zakkwyldefan79- 5
*metalwarrior40- 3
*Invader Jim- 3

Best sig:
Invader Jim- 3
*AngusJimiKeith- 2
*the humanity- 2

Most likely to get banned next:
MikeHYA- 6
Scowmoo- 2

Best GB&C merchant:
nuthinbuttrubl8- 7
metalwarrior40- 6

UGer with the best vintage gear:
Invader Jim- 13
*wiliscool- 1
*mr_hankey- 1

Thread Awards:

Best guitar build thread:
metalhead_28s "new build"- 6
lumberjack's neckthru PRS shredder- 2

Best guitar restoration thread:
lumberjack's '65 Melody Maker- 15
nuthinbuttrubl8's flood-damaged '70s Les Paul- 2
wiliscool's Teisco Del Rey- 2

Best amp build thread:
kurtlives91's Dumble ODS- 9
All single votes

Most outlandish build:
Jason Jillard's Legocaster- 10
blindsagacity's stopsign guitar- 5

Favourite sticky or official thread:
The Ultimate Guitar Wiring thread- 6
GB&C Central Hub- 3
The Jim thread- 3

Favourite thread topic:
Builds- 5
Wiring- 2

Most annoying thread topic:
Which pups????!?!!?!- 9
*Halp!!!!- 3
*How much????!?!!?!- 3

Most common reason for a GB&C thread failing HARD:
No pics- 5
*Pointless thread- 3
*Pit monkeys- 3

Other Awards:

Favourite UG forum OTHER than GB&C:
None- 5
*Gear Ads- 4
*The Pit- 4

Favourite UG Profile Group:
Who To Listen To group- 4
Toki Wartooth- 2

Most overused phrase or advice:
"Get a new amp"- 7
All single votes

Boob job for your girlfriend or a new tube amp?
Toobs- 15
Boobs- 4
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