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Gender : Female

Birthday : December 28, 1986

Location : Dallas, Texas, United States

School : UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA AT OMAHA (omaha, Nebraska, United States)

Education : Some college

Smoker : No

Drinker : Yes

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Gear info
Insignia707 has 6 pieces of equipment:

ibanez: gio

Jay Turser: JJ-45F RSB

Peace drums: Legion 7 pc

ESSEX: bass

Marshall: MG15DFX

Seagull: Entourage Mini Jumbo

Favorite bands :
My Rolodex of bands... usually I'd have them organize via the Dewey Decimal system, but we are currently under construction so pardon our mess: Pigface, Bjork, Prodigy, Puscifer, portishead, revolting cocks, A perfect circle, Icon of Coil, White Zombie, VNV Nation, Andy Mckee, John Mayor, The cruxshadows, The Postal Service, Lacuna Coil, Mindless Self Indugence, Glassjaw, Head automatica, Paul Oakenfold, KMFDM, Static-X, Switchblade Symphony, Tool, Depeche Mode, Funker Vogt, Mudvayne, Rammstein, Mushroomhead, Haujobb, Six feet under, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, The Gorillaz, Pantera, Nine Inch Nails, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, X marks the Pedwalk, Bauhaus, combichrist and Deftones
Favorite guitarists :
Daryl Palumbo (glass jaw/head automatica), Maynard James Keenan(perfect circle/puscifer/tool ), Andy Mckee, John Mayor
Favorite bassists :
MEANING BEHIND TAT I get asked millions of times in one day what the tat means and I decided that it'd just be easier to type it. THE STORY BEHIND IT: Me and my friend deryck were really hardcore about muay thai, kickboxing, training and tournaments, and etc... Day in and day out we trained together, sacrificing everything. Everyday we sheded blood, sweat and tears. Except he was more hardcore about it than I was... The guy taught me everything I knew... He was like my freaking brother and we were the most badass best friends that you ever knew... My record is 27 wins to 3 loses. His... 51 to 2. I ummm.. have only been doing it for 7 years. He was 24 and had been doing it for 17 years... Were both college students at the local university and amazing fighters... muay thai, gan teora, thai boxing, kickboxing, grappling, boxing, brazilian jujitsu... you name it... we were both black belts in each. He wanted "the dream" and he went for it.... where as I just wanted to have a normal life and just get my masters degree and move on in my life...The guy was amazing. He competed in the IKF (international kickboxing federation) and took home a heavweight belt nationally 4 years in a row... He actually ended up qualifying for the UFC... So I threw a HUGE party that night to celebrate him taking the UFC on... you know... college party, kegger, 60 people crammed into my house... the usual. CONTINUE D IN FAVORITE MOVIES
Favorite books :
So I was talking to deryck.. and was listening to him talk about his classes. He's a history major... Like this guy is completely entralled with history, anthropology, sociology, and theology... But I've always liked listening to him and having philosophical debates with him.... a guy that's attractive, hilarious, and actually able to articulate some stimulating thoughts.. the badass on campus... everybody liked him... anyways he was going on about he's classes... and his secret affair with history. Apparantly he was doing a lot of reading on his own just for his own curiosity and finishing random history books to feed his hunger and making him into this wierd walking massive brain... He was talking bout how he was fascinated by this ancient civilizations book: " So I came across this tattoo in this book, Linda and i wanna get it done." "yea?" "There used to be this really obscure ancient mayan tribe... almost an unheard chapter of its own. But they were ancient mayan warriors that lived by the three rules of honor, courage and perserverence... symbolized by three marks. They would actually go to battle to prove themselves worthy as warriors... and after they came back from battle they would hold a ritual to bear the mark of the three, the mark of a warrior. It was considered a high honor to be considered for the ritual in itself and to bear the mark in itself. Let me show you it." "Three blocks? huh, that's fuckin sick, man. I like the meaning behind it. That'd look awesome on you." "I honestly think I deserve to bear this mark... I've busted my ass off for 17 years. I've cried blood, sweat and tears, man and I've got nothing else to give." "To be honest with you, I totally think you deserve it... Go for it, man. I think it's badass, deryck." So it was getting late and he was heading out. I was checking to make sure he was good to drive. From what i saw he was more sober than anybody else there and good to go. The only problem with that was that i was inebriated and my judgement was out of commision. I can only say I feel so guilty that I let him go... that for the longest time I felt like it was my fault. That it should of been me... He passed away that night. The same nite we were celebrating his win, we lost him... He ended up driving his car off a bridge after he left. The same exact day he passed away I went to go get his tat done. I guess it was because I felt a little guilt that I let him go that night. But mainly it was because those were the last words he spoke to anyone before he left and I was the last person he talked to before he died... I really just felt obligated as his best friend to carry out his last wish and his last words that he spoke. Because I think thats what he'd want me to do. Out of everyone else, he'd want me to bear his mark... Everytime I look at it, it brings the thought of him to life and I reminiscence bout the time I met him when I was 11. I start drifting off in my own little world and he brings a smile on my face. I'm not gonna lie I'm tearing up as I write this... but I just want to bring the tat and deryck's memory justice. He doesnt deserve the "butchered, shortened, half ass version of the story" that everybody asks for... cuz I refused to give it to them... So I once knew a guy and his name was deryck. But you'll never get to know him... All you need to know was that he was more amazing than you'll ever realized. I really missed you, man. You don't even know how much you effected me. ...It was once stated in the chaos theory that a typhoon halfway across the world can be caused by the flutter of a butterfly's wings...
Favorite tv :
Flight of the Concords
Favorite movies :
clockwork orange, requiem for a dream, scanner darkly, fear and loathing, Vanilla Sky, Saving Private Ryan, Pirates of the Caribbean
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Insignia Invasion's psychotic manifesto?? Huhh? 11:04am : May 7th, 2008
About Insignia707

We have been following this extrodinary creature for the past few years since our first encounter when we tagged it and released it back into the wild. Out in it's natural habitat the Insignius Invasionus, part of the Lindus Nguyous family consumes a daily diet of ramen noodles and potato chips dipped in ketchup. Though, not an herbivore, nor a carnivore... her diet is consistant with a new category known as broke-college-student-bum-ous. You can identify this creature by it's unique markings of three black square spots. We believe that when we happened to ask it "ASL?" it responded with:

"If you added all my fingers and toes you'd get my age... I know you're sitting there thinking she must be 20 then? See the thing is I only have 9 fingers and 12 toes... which would actually make me 21.

Sex? I'm of the XX chromosome gender. Im an X without the Y. I wanted a "Y" but my mom said it's got a pointed end on the bottom and i'll poke my eye out with it.

Location? Anywhere and everywhere. I constantly migrate around you can find me anywhere from Las Vegas, Dallas, Miami, Omaha, Chicago, London (England), Australia, Ireland... Jumping from major city to major city."

We responded with "Woah, you speak english?"

"No just that paragraph about my ASL, and this sentence explaining it."


"Tфi biết tiếng Việt, nhưng i giống ngữ anh ấy i hum qua sự hiểu biết tiếng Anh vм i think. loại jackass. I cũng cу ngủ với vợ khuфn giаy."


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