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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Blogs and shiz

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I wasn't sure what to blog about, so I guess I'd start one about bands.

Namely bands I've formed, or joined, there are 3 and they're quite varied genres but I'll go into that further, later. They're in the embryonic stages of life at the moment.

 My first band, Just Morgan, has been practising for around a month now, we've got a few songs written and are hoping to begin gigging next month. It's a modern rock band, I suppose punk rock, and we're currently a 3 piece.

 My second band, which is yet unnamed is a hardcore project. There are 4 of us right now, but we're thinking of getting another guitarist, this is very early on, I suppose like the next project, it's more of a zygote than an embryo.

 The third and final band is reggae. We're currently mashing up songs like "By the way" to make them more reggae friendly, but we can't find somebody with a suitable voice.

 So there it is, I'll keep posting about these unless I forget or something, thoughts and ideas will be appreciated, cheers.


I totally forgot about this blog, but the band Just Morgan is getting somewhere! We've done a couple of charity gigs, and are onto our first paid one at the end of this month!
 The hardcore band is also coming along nicely, I've been customising a guitar, I'll post some pictures soon of it, and that's mainly for this band. Messing with active pickups and such.

 In other news, the reggae band hit a wall.
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