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Monday, May 10, 2010

To whom it may concern:

Current mood: awesome

Unfortunately I have to curtail my time on this site. No, not by choice, really. It's just kind of the way things are going lately. I do not think it is a hindrance on my performance, nor do I think it really warrants enough of a distraction to want to quite. I simply do not have time.

I have finished my undergrad and am now working full-time at a software company in customer support. So, yes, I was promoted. It's not a big promotion, but it's enough to eat up 40 hours of my life. 

I spend all day on a computer, so it's likely that when I come home from work I don't want to sit here on mine. Because of that, I won't be doing much posting on the forums.

I'm not gone for good, but just to those who are kind enough to visit my profile sometimes, and those (few) who I'm sure enjoy my posts: I'm around, but probably not as often as I'd like to be. 
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