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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Band break ups.

Current mood: contemplative

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so....This weekend I was meant to be onstage with my Heatseeker (today @6:45pm GMT)...But that all fell apart the other day when the band all went off in different ways. One minute it was all systems go and then the next nothing, And man Am I gutted, I love playing music and being part of a unit and getting out there.
So now it is back to the start, back to looking for the next jam the next band the next gig......and I'm starting to think is it worth it all.
On the plus side I have some interest on getting some of my Indy_Fire stuff worked on, and that would be a dream come true, but words and action are to very different things.
So til then I guess i go back to jamming at home alone and pissing the wife hey?
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