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theR wrote on Feb 1st, 2009 8:18am

Thanks man!


Whatley2212 wrote on Jun 7th, 2008 4:36pm

Lil bro! Long time no see. Anybody still playing poker?


Kankuro wrote on Apr 6th, 2008 10:14am

Where have you been good sir?


Radius_Vector wrote on Nov 23rd, 2007 12:42pm

Bro thanks for yer comment on my page, sorry its been ages since ive been to UG though.


someguitarguy88 wrote on Sep 15th, 2007 1:24am

Whoa! Is that the rune of beginning?! Whoa! Is this a Suikoden fan?!


leftybassdude wrote on Sep 8th, 2007 6:11pm

i havent been on Ug because i got banned


tushmeister wrote on Sep 7th, 2007 4:17pm

It's not that I hunt you down even, don't worry it's not special treatment, I'm the same with everyone :p
I like to crush dreams :D


tushmeister wrote on Sep 7th, 2007 7:08am

Your remarks in the 'Which of these is the worst band' thread are completely pointless
He was asking because they're the bands slated most on this website, in general he was right aswell (bar forgetting MCR as a candidate)
Just because you're in the minority on this website who like those bands, doesn't mean you can shout discrimination every time someone mentions them, and 'adding to the hate', well no, most people hate them for better reasons than someone asking which are hated more, noone would hate a band just having read that thread...

Sorry, it just annoys me you said such stupid things over a petty thread, they're of the same genre because on this website, most people don't like them
It's basic facts of nature, most people who tend towards guitar will harbour a dislike for most music too simple because it doesn't interest them as much as the harder stuff they enjoy playing
There will be exceptions
But they'll always be the minority
Just like when quizzing fat people on food McDonalds will be a popular choice, the key demographic of this website will generally be set against pop-punk because it DOES lower the integrity of rock music and release it to masses of idiots who call Busted heavy metal and Green Day tr00 punk lolololol
Maybe you aren't one of these idiots, but again you're a minority

You should just be happy you like the bands you like
If someone 'attacks' them (which they didn't in this case, not TS anyway) then ignore it and carry on likling them
I love black metal
My preferred music is a minority in every way possible, but if someone says its just noise I rarely bother retorting, if I did I would have to question whether I really like it because having to defend it would suggest I'm trying to convince myself it's good when I should know that already


Radius_Vector wrote on Sep 6th, 2007 6:48am

Thank you bro, IM checking out some of your stuff now


Kankuro wrote on Sep 4th, 2007 3:43am

Hello! :p


Glen'sHeroicAct wrote on Sep 2nd, 2007 8:27pm

alright greg you win, i recorded something on an acoustic guitar. now post your other recording!


ShaunFrusciante wrote on Sep 1st, 2007 7:14pm

cheers man, i like the stairway improv, keep it up


ShaunFrusciante wrote on Aug 30th, 2007 12:56am

whats up man


tushmeister wrote on Aug 29th, 2007 8:09am

Ecstatic :p


Spamwise wrote on Aug 29th, 2007 2:15am

thank you! your songs are cool too :)


BradyVicious wrote on Aug 27th, 2007 11:53pm

haha thx bro. :]


Whatley2212 wrote on Aug 26th, 2007 8:46pm

Ch ch ch Chia!


Glen'sHeroicAct wrote on Aug 24th, 2007 4:47am

dude, is there a new link to the poker room now? cuz every time i go there there's no one around.

also, i'm like sitting on my computer, and my sister comes walking in, and being the clumsy person she is, she stubs her toe on one of my pedals. and she's like "damnit! ouch! can't you pick up these pedals?" and i'm like "no," and she's like *hard kick to my distortion pedal* "then can you at least move them out of my way?" and she walks into her room. and i'm like "bitch! don't kick my pedals!" she kicked my pedal like halfway across the room. and i mean it's a sturdy pedal, but you just don't kick pedals like that. i mean how hard is it to look where you're walking? and my pedals have been there for like ever. it's my spot, and she just comes and kicks my stuff. i'm pretty pissed right now.


Whatley2212 wrote on Aug 19th, 2007 5:39pm

Nice cover by the way.


Whatley2212 wrote on Aug 19th, 2007 5:17pm

Hey you serial asshat. :p


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