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nutinpwnsgibson wrote on Dec 23rd, 2010 8:05am

pretty good man, im getting a 5150 ii tomorrow. in fact, i was interested in a XXX but they're pretty hard to come by, and as far as the high gain tone, i like both tones just as much. any tone tips? for the moment i'll have a b52 cabinet i found for 130 bucks, but later im gonna see what good 2x12's i can get.


IbanezPsychoa wrote on Dec 23rd, 2010 12:30am

DeathByDestroyr wrote on Dec 22nd, 2010 at 4:28pm :
So... how you diggin' the Hush?

Still isnt connected lol.. Holiday crap to do is killin me..


DeathByDestroyr wrote on Dec 22nd, 2010 10:28pm

So... how you diggin' the Hush?


jimmy666page666 wrote on Nov 30th, 2010 9:15am

whats up man you remember talking to me? I haven't been on in like a year been super busy!! What you been up too !


CHAD_DRYE wrote on Mar 4th, 2010 5:06am

Thanks for the add man!


Megdidar wrote on Jan 6th, 2010 5:07am

Hey I saw the picture of your valveking in a thread and if you don't mind me asking where did you get the red preamp tube covers for it?


eyebanez333 wrote on Nov 9th, 2009 12:55pm

IbanezPsycho wrote on Nov 9th, 2009 at 5:53am :
Whats up man...

Haven't had a chance to get on much lately. My job has us on lock down as far as accessing the internet at work so that has killed 8 hours of UG time. And by the time I get home between dinner and everything else. I dont really have enough time to get on much

They've been complaining about internet usage here too...looks like I may be in the same boat soon =(


eyebanez333 wrote on Nov 7th, 2009 4:14pm

Hey man, haven't seen you post lately. How's shit going?


stradivari310 wrote on Oct 11th, 2009 6:08pm

Hey, I was wondering if you could tell me how good the clean channel on your Ultra was. I'm looking at one and although I'm not buying it for the cleans, I need them to be pretty warm and have high headroom.


Mark G wrote on Sep 23rd, 2009 1:29am

Still have the windsor? I just read something interesting. A guy I know checked the bias on his, and it was extremely cold. You should check the bias on it, and turn it up if its way cold. Should do wonders for the harshness.


1SDMF wrote on Sep 18th, 2009 12:02am

Thanks for the add!


DeathByDestroyr wrote on Sep 10th, 2009 6:14am

You should record that, switching pre-amps mid-song!


jc349 wrote on Sep 9th, 2009 6:43am

Waiting for NGD #8 :)


HouseBoy83 wrote on Sep 4th, 2009 2:55pm

IbanezPsycho wrote on Sep 4th, 2009 at 7:46am :
I put up a review on it in my NAD thread check it out...
http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.ph p?t=1193438&highlight=take+5

Im actually liking the SD-1 as a clean boost. I have always been stand offish to Boss pedals in general especially there OD's. But I have to say it adds a nice flavor to my tone and im really liking it.

sweet..i'll check it out man.
yeah ive used a couple of different boss pedals..mostly delays and flangers, and there super chorus pedal(which i love). but never really been into the distortions and OD pedals. i bought the Boss Overdrive pedal and i have to say was kinda disappointed with it. then one day say that they had the Super Overdrive on sale for like $30 and bought it. and i love the pedal. i use it as a clean boost and as a reg OD when i wanna play some light stuff with just a tad of drive.


HouseBoy83 wrote on Sep 3rd, 2009 10:55pm

Hey man hows that Windsor sounding?
also noticed you have a Boss SD-1 Super overdrive..what do you think of?
ive been useing that pedal for a few years now, then bought a Maxon 808 and a MXR GT -OD. still love my sd1 though


DeathByDestroyr wrote on Sep 3rd, 2009 5:10am

How you diggin' the Randall --> Blackstar?


HouseBoy83 wrote on Sep 1st, 2009 4:24pm

IbanezPsycho wrote on Aug 31st, 2009 at 7:53pm :
Sounds great man, really like the tone your getting out of that SL-X

thanks man.
still messing around with it a bit, might put a custom choke on it as well...not sure...might just play it how it is now for a few months and then tinker with it as time goes on


HouseBoy83 wrote on Aug 31st, 2009 11:39pm

clips are up..nothing fancy at all. both clips have the new transformer and 6L6s in them, but the first clip had the gain boost added to it, and no clariety mod yet
the second is right after the clariety was done, beefed up the eqs, and some minor stuff


HouseBoy83 wrote on Aug 31st, 2009 10:54pm

IbanezPsycho wrote on Aug 31st, 2009 at 3:46pm :
Heard a SL-X with 6l6's and modded for the first time last week. I was in aww... Usually im not a Marshall fan.

Should be quite interesting, so far the JTM module going into the HT5's power section has given me a amazing blues tone which I have been looking for forever and just couldnt coach out of a 6505+ lol. And the blackface is gonna go nicely with the windsors power section for clean headroom.

Cool, man cant wait to hear it.. Hit me up when ya get the clips up..

yeah man. i got the SL-X for cheap, cause it needed a new output tranfomer which i replaced with a mercury one. and it needed a clariety mod. it was setup to run KT88s. KT77s or 6L6gcs in it. i run 6L6s in it. it sounds good now..still tinkering with it a bit.


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