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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Gear i have tested...

Current mood: accomplished

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Figured i would just keep a running list of amps, pedals and stuff i have tested/demoed over the last year...

Ampeg VH140C (owned)
Bogner Uberschall
Bogner Alchemist
Carvin Legacy VL100 (owned)
Diezel Einstein
VHT Deliverance
Budda Superdrive II Combo
Krank Chadwick 
Krank Rev Jr.
Egnator Tourmaster Combo
Blackstar Artisan Series 30
Black Star HT-5
Raven RG100
Rivera Hundred Duo Twelve
Epiphone 25r Slingshot (owned)
Epiphone Valve Jr (owned)
Fender Blues Junior
Fender Champ
Marshall VS100R (owned)
Marshall Jcm 900
Marshall Jcm 800 2203KK
Marshall Vintage 1970's something head
Marshall MG100 Head and Combo
Marshall micro stack
Marshall JTM 60
Peavey Classic
Peavey 5150
Peavey 5150 II
Peavey 6505 Head and combo
Peavey 6505+ Head and combo (owned)
Peavey Ultra Plus (owned)
Peavey XXL
Peavey XXX (owned)
Peavey Windsor (owned)
Peavey JSX
Peavey Valveking Head and combo (owned)
Peavey Vypyr
Engl Fireball
Hartke GT100
Crate Blue Voodoo
Crate Flexwave
Crate GX-140D
Crate GT15 (owned)
Crate Palomino
Mesa Triple Rec
Mesa Dual Rec
Mesa Dual Rec Roadster
Mesa Single Rec
Mesa Stiletto Duece
Mesa 5:50 Express
Mesa Studio .22
Randall RH100 (owned)
Randall RG100 Combo
Randall RG50TC
Randall RM100KH
Randall RM4 (owned)
Line 6 Flextone II
Line 6 Spider II
Line 6 Spider III Head and Combo
Line 6 Spider Valve Head and Combo
Line 6 HD 147
Laney LC50
Bugera 6262 combo DOA
Bugera 6260 Head
Bugera 333xl Head
Behringer V-amp Pro
B-52 AT-100
B-52 LS-100
Roland Cube 30
Roland Micro Cube
Smokey Amp (owned)
Danelecto honey tone (owned)
Boutique 30 watt

Pedals and Rack Gear
MXR M86 (owned)
MXR M108 EQ (owned)
MXR Carbon Copy (owned)
MXR Distortion + and Modified Version (owned)
MXR Double Shot Distotion
Isp Decimator (owned)
Protone Body Rot (owned)
Protone T.V. Delay (owned)
Protone Ramskull (owned)
Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor (owned)
EHX Metal Muff (owned)
EHX Metal Muff Nano
EHX Big Muff (owned)
EHX LPB-1 (owned)
EHX HolyStain (owned)
Morley Tripler (owned)
Line 6 Uber Metal (owned)
Zoom GFX1 (owned)
Zoom G2 (owned)
Fab Metal (owned)
Line 6 Verbzilla (owned)
Behringer Hellbabe Wah (owned)
Behringer TU100 (owned)
Behringer Ultraflex (owned)
Ibanez TS9 and Modified Version (owned)
Ibanez TS9 Keeley 808 mod (owned)
Ibanez DEZ (owned)
Keeley TS9DX Flexi 4x2 (owned)
Behringer TM300 (owned)
BBE 882I (owned)
BBE 462 (owned)
BBE 362 NR (owned)
BBE Boosta Grande
Digitech Grunge (owned)
Digitech Death metal (owned)
Digitech Bad Monkey (owned)
Digitech Bad Monkey Modded (owned)
Digitech S200 (owned)
Crybaby Wah (owned)
Crybaby from hell (owned)
Crybaby Zakk Wylde Sig (owned)
Crybaby 535Q (owned)
Danelectro Daddy O
Marshall Gouv'r
Marshall Jackhammer
Marshall Regenerator (owned)
Krank Distortius Maximus
Boss Metalcore
Boss DD-6
Boss NS-2 (owned)
Boss NS-2 MIJ (owned)
Boss OC-2 (owned)
Boss OC-3 (owned)
Boss DS1 (owned)
Boss SD-1 (owned)
Boss AW-3 (owned)
MI Audio Boost N' Buff
Fulltone Fat boost
Fulltone GT500
Blackstar HT-Boost
Blackstar HT-Dual
Visual Sounds Route 66 (owned)
Presonus EQ3B (owned)
T.C. Elec. G-Major (owned)
T.C. Elec. Vintage OD (owned)
T.C. Electronics M300 (owned)
Korg DTR-2000 (owned)
Planet Waves Pedal Tuner (owned)
Furman PL8 Series II (owned)


Marshall 1960a
Marshall 1960b
Marshall 1960b Modded with G12T75's and lead 80's x pattern (owned)
Marshall Vintage
Mesa Recto 4X12
Mesa Recto 2x12
Peavey Triple
Peavey Windsor
Peavey Valveking
Peavey JSX
Peavey 6505
Line 6 Spider Valve
Framus Dragon (owned)
Krank Krankenstein (owned)
5150III evh
Crate Blue Voodoo

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DiMeTiMe wrote on May 30th, 2008 3:19am

You remembered all that? lol
Oh, and how was the 6262 head you tried out? I'm already set on buying one (as you would know :p) but I'd like to hear reviews....


IbanezPsychoa wrote on Jun 1st, 2008 7:34am

[quote u='DiMeTiMe' d='May 29th, 2008 10:19pm'] You remembered all that? lol Oh, and how was the 6262 head you tried out? I'm already set on buying one (as you would know ) but I'd like to hear reviews....[/quote] Lol yea, wasn't to hard to remember its stuff i have played in the last year and a half. And I'm generally good at remember amps and there tone. As for the 6262 it was a combo and dead so i had to try the 6260. The full story is a bit long so i PM'ed you..


decaydance_rokk wrote on Jun 18th, 2008 5:21am

wow that is a really long list. was it fun testing them?


IbanezPsychoa wrote on Jun 19th, 2008 6:45pm

[quote u='decaydance_rokk' d='Jun 18th, 2008 12:21am'] wow that is a really long list. was it fun testing them?[/quote] That it was, anytime i see something intresting i give it a test run also alot of the pedals were in my trial and error stages those days were not so fun lol


Lycan_Ste wrote on Aug 9th, 2008 12:34am

Dayum that is alot of gear! But atleast it saves you having to go to a guitar shop and try them all!


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