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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Bad Monkey Vs Tubescreamer

The BM is a far better pedal if you are after just boosting the amp. Basically using it as a clean boost (dime the level and zero out the gain for example). The bad monkey has a bit more level on tap then the TS9 as well so it can push those preamps a bit harder which is a plus for most applicaitons. Also the TS9 colors your tone quite a bit vs the bad monkey and what little coloration the BM has it can be taken out with a simple mod. What all this adds up to is the BM will tighten and add a bit more gain then your standard OD pedal like say a TS9. So that said its alot better clean boost in my opinion. More boost and more transparent..

Now the BM vs the TS9 as a stand alone pedal. The TS9 beats it hands down if your using it to mimic an overdriven tube amp example actually turning up the gain knob then the TS9 is your pedal its going to sound better and warmer. So using the pedal as an OD, the TS9 is a better pedal in my opinion. And the end result for metal I love the BM and it does a great job of pushing those preamp tubes harder allowing the amp to get into the metal realm without needing a ton of gain from the amp. And it really tightens up the amp in the process.

And reliability isnt an issue both are great solid pedals...

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Info on my Bad Monkey Mod's.. Enjoy!

Current mood: accomplished

Decided to fill everyone in on the transparency mod I did to my Bad Monkey since I have gotten quite a few requests for it lately. So heres my "Not So Ripe Banana" mod  :D
As you can see modding a bad monkey can be a pain, because pretty much everything is surface mount. But there is a few things you can do to enhance it.

Ok now for the mods...
You can change C5  (.047uf) to a .1uf(mids cut) or .15uf(more mids cut) More cut equals more transparency.  Since its a Tubescreamer clone as you know it has a slight mid hump this mod takes that out of the picture. Digitech did a good job of removing most of it but this takes it the rest of the way.

To this...

Also you can change out C11  (22uf) to a 1uf if you would like to increase the bass on the pedal. I found the pedal to have plenty of bass on tap in the first place so I just left it alone.
And lastly for cosmetic purposes I thought a yellow led looked alot better in the already green and yellow pedal I slapped in a yellow led. Plus it reminds me of a not so ripe banana  ;)

Hope yall enjoy the info. Its a quick easy mod and works great especially if you are using it as a clean boost..

End result...

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Monday, July 28, 2008

New pic's of rig setup and pic's of tech area

Current mood: accomplished

Just like the subject said, figured I would take a few pic's of my tech space. Since I spend more time fixing other peoples guitars and amps then playing my own gear. Figured I would put some pic's up of the corner I spend most of my time in lol. Also repositioned my gear to give me a bit more space.

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Gear i have tested...

Current mood: accomplished

Figured i would just keep a running list of amps, pedals and stuff i have tested/demoed over the last year...

Ampeg VH140C (owned)
Bogner Uberschall
Bogner Alchemist
Carvin Legacy VL100 (owned)
Diezel Einstein
VHT Deliverance
Budda Superdrive II Combo
Krank Chadwick 
Krank Rev Jr.
Egnator Tourmaster Combo
Blackstar Artisan Series 30
Black Star HT-5
Raven RG100
Rivera Hundred Duo Twelve
Epiphone 25r Slingshot (owned)
Epiphone Valve Jr (owned)
Fender Blues Junior
Fender Champ
Marshall VS100R (owned)
Marshall Jcm 900
Marshall Jcm 800 2203KK
Marshall Vintage 1970's something head
Marshall MG100 Head and Combo
Marshall micro stack
Marshall JTM 60
Peavey Classic
Peavey 5150
Peavey 5150 II
Peavey 6505 Head and combo
Peavey 6505+ Head and combo (owned)
Peavey Ultra Plus (owned)
Peavey XXL
Peavey XXX (owned)
Peavey Windsor (owned)
Peavey JSX
Peavey Valveking Head and combo (owned)
Peavey Vypyr
Engl Fireball
Hartke GT100
Crate Blue Voodoo
Crate Flexwave
Crate GX-140D
Crate GT15 (owned)
Crate Palomino
Mesa Triple Rec
Mesa Dual Rec
Mesa Dual Rec Roadster
Mesa Single Rec
Mesa Stiletto Duece
Mesa 5:50 Express
Mesa Studio .22
Randall RH100 (owned)
Randall RG100 Combo
Randall RG50TC
Randall RM100KH
Randall RM4 (owned)
Line 6 Flextone II
Line 6 Spider II
Line 6 Spider III Head and Combo
Line 6 Spider Valve Head and Combo
Line 6 HD 147
Laney LC50
Bugera 6262 combo DOA
Bugera 6260 Head
Bugera 333xl Head
Behringer V-amp Pro
B-52 AT-100
B-52 LS-100
Roland Cube 30
Roland Micro Cube
Smokey Amp (owned)
Danelecto honey tone (owned)
Boutique 30 watt

Pedals and Rack Gear
MXR M86 (owned)
MXR M108 EQ (owned)
MXR Carbon Copy (owned)
MXR Distortion + and Modified Version (owned)
MXR Double Shot Distotion
Isp Decimator (owned)
Protone Body Rot (owned)
Protone T.V. Delay (owned)
Protone Ramskull (owned)
Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor (owned)
EHX Metal Muff (owned)
EHX Metal Muff Nano
EHX Big Muff (owned)
EHX LPB-1 (owned)
EHX HolyStain (owned)
Morley Tripler (owned)
Line 6 Uber Metal (owned)
Zoom GFX1 (owned)
Zoom G2 (owned)
Fab Metal (owned)
Line 6 Verbzilla (owned)
Behringer Hellbabe Wah (owned)
Behringer TU100 (owned)
Behringer Ultraflex (owned)
Ibanez TS9 and Modified Version (owned)
Ibanez TS9 Keeley 808 mod (owned)
Ibanez DEZ (owned)
Keeley TS9DX Flexi 4x2 (owned)
Behringer TM300 (owned)
BBE 882I (owned)
BBE 462 (owned)
BBE 362 NR (owned)
BBE Boosta Grande
Digitech Grunge (owned)
Digitech Death metal (owned)
Digitech Bad Monkey (owned)
Digitech Bad Monkey Modded (owned)
Digitech S200 (owned)
Crybaby Wah (owned)
Crybaby from hell (owned)
Crybaby Zakk Wylde Sig (owned)
Crybaby 535Q (owned)
Danelectro Daddy O
Marshall Gouv'r
Marshall Jackhammer
Marshall Regenerator (owned)
Krank Distortius Maximus
Boss Metalcore
Boss DD-6
Boss NS-2 (owned)
Boss NS-2 MIJ (owned)
Boss OC-2 (owned)
Boss OC-3 (owned)
Boss DS1 (owned)
Boss SD-1 (owned)
Boss AW-3 (owned)
MI Audio Boost N' Buff
Fulltone Fat boost
Fulltone GT500
Blackstar HT-Boost
Blackstar HT-Dual
Visual Sounds Route 66 (owned)
Presonus EQ3B (owned)
T.C. Elec. G-Major (owned)
T.C. Elec. Vintage OD (owned)
T.C. Electronics M300 (owned)
Korg DTR-2000 (owned)
Planet Waves Pedal Tuner (owned)
Furman PL8 Series II (owned)


Marshall 1960a
Marshall 1960b
Marshall 1960b Modded with G12T75's and lead 80's x pattern (owned)
Marshall Vintage
Mesa Recto 4X12
Mesa Recto 2x12
Peavey Triple
Peavey Windsor
Peavey Valveking
Peavey JSX
Peavey 6505
Line 6 Spider Valve
Framus Dragon (owned)
Krank Krankenstein (owned)
5150III evh
Crate Blue Voodoo

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Pedal Review

Pedals Currently Own:D
Best eq pedal on the market as far as im concerned it has lots of features like volume, gain and 10 different freq sliders. Does its job well and its built like a tank.
Cons- gets a tad hissy when sliders are cranked

Bad Monkey
The best sounding OD pedal you can get for $27 bucks new was on sale. Makes things tight and fat... Beat out my TS9 for what im using it for.. Secret is gain 0 level 10..
Con's reliablity might be an issue

Isp Decimator
Best Noise suppression pedal on the market bar none... Kills everything and doesnt suck tone.
Con's none

Protone Body Rot
Heavyest distortion pedal i have ever played. True bypass, boutique and made well. Modern tone..
Con's none but is pricey

Protone T.V. Delay
Really nice delay with a analog tone. Boutique and well made as well..
Con's price and features

Pedals of the past

It was metal i give it that... Everyone gets one of these at one time or another, i've actually owned two.. lol
Con's really hissy and harsh as hell

Metal Muff
Really nice distortion pedal with alot of features and built well.
Con's a little too buzzy for me and top boost is nasty if you crank it to far.

Line 6 Uber Metal
Really liked this pedal had a good tone to it and lots of options. Also its pretty much pantera in a box. Put it on pulverize and you get the dime bag tone and harmonics out the ying yang..
Con's none great petal

Boss DS1
Owned two of these because i had one sold it and then bought another to mod. But never got around to it. Anyway its a good beginner pedal and can pretty much nail the kill em all tone and seek and destroy.
Con's needs more features and to buzzy and not full at all

Zoom GFX1
Nice cheap multi effects unit, could get a good dimebag sound out of it but thats about it.
Con's slow switching and not many good options

Zoom G2
Great multi effects unit for the price, fast switching and great sounds.
Con's still to digitial and multieffects get old after a while

Fab Metal
Sucks for 5 bucks more i was able to get a DS1
Con's everything and almost blew up my amp

Line 6 Verbzilla
Superb delay pedal, lots of features and lots of options with a really good tone to it.
Con's none but really who needs that many types of reverb lol

Hellbabe Wah
Con's sucks didnt have a good tone to it and just sucked all around

Ibanez TS9 and Modified Version
Great pedal and was superb for blues tone. Also really good at tightening up tube amps
Con's None, was just lacking in the level and options department

MXR Distortion + and Modified Version
Was a nice overdrive.
Con's distotion was pretty bad on these reminded me of a DS1

Behringer TM300
Cheap, could almost get a metallica tone out of it
Con's sucked and was cheap stopped working

BBE 882I
Worked great and did what it was supposed to do..
Con's turns your tube amp digital slightly

T.C. Electronics M300
Had nice features
Con's volume knob stopped working and not enough features and was a pain to work.

Digitech Grunge
Well it did grunge pretty good lol. Hits nirvana pretty nice
Con's Two of them broke on me

Digitech Death metal
Dont know it broke when i got it..

Crybaby Wah
Great wah but...
Con's Needs the Classic Faisal mod

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