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The Middle (Solo) - Jimmy Eat World   (00:25)
My playing the solo from Jimmy Eat World's song, The Middle. I shoulda toned down the gain for recording, but, honest, it sounds good in person :P
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Triviality   (01:36)
I was working on this, in a midi, then listened to it and thought, it doesn't sound too bad. I still need to add some kind of interlude, and an outro, but I'm eager to upload anything I can xD Gimme any constructive criticism you can :)
Oh yeah, and ignore the trance-y distorted guitar :S The program I converted this with used a different instrument set, and I can't be bothered to fix it { Tags : Metal, Midi }
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Solus Ipse   (03:16)
Very much inspired by Opeth. Quite proud of the guitar solos :) I just wish I had recording equipment so I could record it for real { Tags : Opeth }
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