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Thursday, August 06, 2009

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Monday, August 03, 2009


Current mood: Philosophic

I've heard Every step you take
Leads to where you end
Times when I try walking the line
A line that surely bends
    What makes me worthy of this fate
    Every decision made in haste
    Every moment I chose to waste
    All the people I've grown to hate
        I want to take the world by the throat
        I want to hide my child in my coat
Fearing the worst around every turn
Fear leaves me empty but I never learn
Confused and imposed- what to do, what to say
Just to find I chose wrong the next day
    Devastated in throes of self pity
    Insane in drug-induced insalubrity
    Is there some shelter where I can just be
    Is there no place where you can't see me
        Lost in defiance I've gone far from home
        A host of delusions that I call my own
        Moments and lifetimes of being let down
        Have led me to believe in nothing but now
            For this is the moment to rearrange
            This is the only chance I have to change

                    -Ryan Cole
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Sunday, August 02, 2009


Current mood: hopeful

A bad approach to good intentions
Fails every time
Forcing what you wish to see
Only leaves you blind
A little piece of all of these
Thoughts that drift by like the breeze
I so welcome and I write
Now these thoughts are mine
Days and hours come and go
Choices made are free
Books that even God has wrote
Won't tell what you'll be
Music soothes, pills will ease
The pain of life's atrocities
So hate or mend but in the end
The world is you and me

-Ryan Cole
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Sunday, August 02, 2009

What to do, what to do...

Current mood: creative

So here I am still out of work after a year with a back injury... As I begin to accept this and become less depressed about being semi- disabled, I have begun to see the more positive aspect: I am not crippled (just can't lift a whole lot), I have a paycheck, and most importantly- I can still play my guitars all day! I have begun to think I should get something going as far as msuic. I have about 20 songs which are full tracks with drums, bass, multiple guitars and vocals. All parts are performed by yours truly. The only problem with being a one-man-band is that you are limited to the studio. I thought of having 4 more arms and 2 more heads surgically attached to allow for playing live, but that would cost too much... Sooo the realistic alternative is a project band, right? I need to get my tracks coverted to MP3 (which I am working on) I have mainly rock influences,but I attempt to break out of pre-fab song structures. Some people love it, some don't. But you can't please everyone, nor do I care about doing so. I need an acomplished guitar/ vocalist to fullfil the minimum requirments of playing live. So any takers, get back to me.
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