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Monday, August 24, 2009

My Guitar Rebirth (inspired By salmon philippe)

Current mood: Proud

my cousin JJ and I play guitar...he's actually the main reason i picked it up again...he wanted to learn about three years ago and asked me if i could help him learn guitar...I have been playing on and off for about a year and a half before but I barely learned anything...I was very happy to because I had looked up to him since I was 6 and now I had a chance to help him.
I said that I would help him and informed him that I know very little.  (It's amazing how much it helped me improve too)  He said "well, you know more that me."   From That Time On, We Dedicated As Much Time As Possible To Learning To Ways Of The Frets.  And in the process, he became my closest friend.  Finally looking back, I can't believe how much we have learned.  He went from struggling to do a power chord to showing me up on harmonic tones. (asshole) [I Still can't do them right]  He has learned so well even with my inability to explain something well.  I'm proud of him and know he's going to keep learning even as I leave for college this fall.
Overall I learned that having someone to test your riffs on and having someone else truth you enough to not only help them with their riffs but drive their car back to their workshop is very important in the growth of both your guitar skills and personality

Good Job Justin

If You Were Touched By This, Visit /blog/56501/  for the one that inspired me.
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