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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Forsaken One;

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This is inherent,
this is second nature.
I won't deliver without
your promise.
that you will save me,
when I'm in need.
I can't trust anyone else.

And I know that you,
can be the end of me.

With your wings you,
can make life worth living.

Vacancies in our demeanor,
shall limit our comfort.
Our memories are transposed on
all the moments you gave to me.
I framed them up;
tucked them away.
Just to relive what was once aversive.

It's not the end.
This will last forever.
I will never leave.
This time it's perfect.
For you won't fade,
this will last forever.
It's not the end,
we'll always find our way back.

This moment, it has
replaced my means to
find an explanation
for all I ever..
where has it gone?
I will do anything.
Relive, regain, I can't surrender.

Two loves, one struggle.
we will carry on.
Through strife and hardship we shall proceed.
It's not the end,
we found our way back to the surface.

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